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I’m okay

So earlier this week, one of my breasts turn bright red with a rash, and I’m already a survivor of three crazy things that happened four years ago, including breast cancer. So I had three days of terror that I had the most aggressive form of inflammatory breast cancer. No sleep. Husband couldn’t sleep and I found this group. Made the appointment and went to see my doctor. I’m OK.

it’s just a rash. And then last night I woke up the night with gas pain, heartburn and pain in the chest cavity. Being an aortic dissection survivor, you can’t get more triggered than that kind pain. So I just laid there and felt gratitude that my breast is fine. My aorta is fine, but I need to acknowledge that these triggering episodes are real and they’re hard. #heart #Cancers #PTSD

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I've had an inflammatory breast rash since September 9. Doctors have no idea, pathologist prov lots of detail, no answers. Nothing works. I'm worried!