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    When I’m stuck in bed, which is a lot lately, I like to find a variety of things to keep me occupied because I get bored very easily. I used to be a very active person. Now I cannot do a lot of the things that I used to be able to do. So I have had to adapt and change and find new things to occupy my time in ways that I am able to do. So here is a list of some of the things that I like to do to distract and entertain myself.
    Please feel free to share your ideas too. It might give another Beddy an idea that they hadn’t thought of yet.
    Some things I enjoy doing :
    1. Watching movies / shows
    2. Chatting with family and friends ( when my fingers and arms aren’t hurting too much)
    3. Drawing ( Again, if I’m not in too much pain )
    4. Playing games on my phone like Words With Friends2
    5. Helping my eldest daughter with her graphic design ideas
    6. Designing rooms on Design Home
    7. Chatting with my hubby
    8. Playing cards with my younger daughter who lives here with us because of her own severe / chronic health issues.
    9. Chatting with friends on The Mighty! :)
    10. Bird and deer watching out my bedroom window. I can also sometimes see our horses when they come up to this side of the pasture.
    11. Play around making silly selfies with my friends.
    12. Journal or write poems

    So, these are just a few things I like to do to pass the time when I have to be in bed. What are some things you like to do?

    #Lupus #Fibromyalgia #MultipleSclerosis #InflammatoryBowelDiseaseIBD #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #heart palpitations #SupraventricularTachycardia #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #DistractMe #WritingThroughIt #bed #AutoimmuneDisease

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    New here #lookingforanswers

    Hi I am new here. You can call me Bird for short. I have multiple chronic illnesses and am a childhood trauma survivor. It’s all too much to list in an introductory post but they include #heart , #Neurological , #gastrointestinal , #vision disorders and more. I have been through 2 longish term relationships, one was an engagement, but I don’t know how to have/ find a healthy one because men have to get past/ not take advantage of my illnesses ( I am a 40ish f that just appears a little younger but I feel like I’ve missed out on everything I should have done by this time because I’ve been sick at home most of the last 10+ years) how do I find someone who understands? Even friends? When I can’t drive… If anyone can relate and has figured this out please let me know. #lookingforfriends #lookingfornormal

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    Well the ugly C virus 🦠 has made it to my house after trying to dodge it for almost three years. I’m really struggling with how to overcome the urge to eat all the sugar in the house and at a local coffee shop. I’m tired of fighting an unseen enemy. My son has it. Thankful that we are vaccinated and boosted. But I feel angry. Traumatized. Like PTSD. I want to take a tent and sleep near a lake and see millions of stars above me. I love that they are there, even if I can’t see it. I pray my son feels best soon. Stay safe. Stay well. Cook. Sew. Make crafts. Walk. Sit in the sun. Put your heart into what makes you smile. Don’t worry. Be happy. #wellness #heart #Nofear #Connect


    New Scary Symptoms

    Hi everyone. I’ve been struggling with many things for a few years, especially the past two since my Dad passed away. I didn’t have any support then and I turned to eating every night to tune out the pain. I feel like I need OA which I’ve been looking into, but I’m wondering what else I can do to feel better. Now that I’ve been doing this like every day for two years, my body feels very sick and after I eat too much my heart pounds like crazy. It feels scary because I dont know what the overeating may have done to my heart and the rest of my body, and I want to find out but my regular doctor can’t see me until next month, and my gi doctor cant see me til the 27th. I feel like I’m out here floundering around alone, not really knowing that to do or who to go to, and it feels really scary.

    This may be tmi, but part of my problem is that the eating is on top of severe, chronic constipation, and I’ve read that overeating can actually cause constipation, so I’ve been in a very painful endless loop of these two things for a long time. I feel so helpless and so sick and I have no idea how to better. (Aside from OA which I think will help alot)

    Has anyone ever gone through something like this and how did you cope and get better?

    #Overeating #heart #gastroproblems #ADD #Bipolar2 #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue

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    Everyday presents an opportunity to “innerstand” my fears, desires, dreams, triggers, and my self . . . and I choose daily to meet these moments with gratitude and a deep thirst for understanding and clarity so that I can continue to move forward with my life. As I am now re affirming and restablisheing my safety, my health, my confidence, my courage, and my resilience after going “no contact” after close to four years of narcissistic abuse, I gain so much insight with each night that I can sleep peacefully and dream. I gave up so much of what makes me happy to be with someone who only wanted to see me miserable and now I can truly enjoy the simplicity of the sunlight peaking in through my blinds in the morning after I wake up and tell myself “I am safe now.” With that so much has already begun to unfold in a short amount of time and I am seeing how truly magical this universe is.

    Til Next Time
    Sending You All Of My Love and Light
    Big Hug

    Leah 🖤

    #Trauma #traumabonded #Healing #Hope #heart #Love #clarity #nocontact #Brave #courage #strength #diary #AbuseSurvivors #Abuse #CPTSD #PTSD #Anxiety #MightyPoets



    I went to the ER tonight due to a fast heart rate, high blood pressure, shakiness, and chest pain. They ran tests and my heart looks good, along with my vitals. Turns out it was my anxiety (of course), so they gave me Ativan and Vistaril. I am now at home resting, and just trying to be comfy and enjoy the holidays. Anyone else deal with heart palpitations due to anxiety?
    #Anxiety #AnxietyAttack #heart palpitations #AnxietyMedication #PanicAttacks


    So shocked.

    My uncle just had a serious heart attack & I don't know what to think. Other than the hugely annoying fact that he's over 300 miles away. It would take me 5hrs to get there by train.
    I'm completely knackered if I've been on the train 15 minutes, so he might as well be on a different planet to me. Ugh.
    #Disability #ChronicIllness #heart #HeartAttack


    WTF ???

    A friend and I did an experiment with the doctor we both have. We each called to set up an appointment with him.
    My friend is kinda wealthy, and I'm on the broker end of broke, barely making it on disability. He has awesome insurance, I have medicaid and Tribal Health Benefits, We complained of the exact same symptoms and set up our appointment.
    My friend goes next week Tuesday, my appointment is the second week of November.
    Anyone else see something wrong with that?

    #bi -polar 2
    #chronic pain
    #Childhood trauma
    #Sex trafficked
    #emdr Therapy gone wrong
    #panic disorder
    #Manic depression
    #heart attacks


    #heart broken

    It been a nightmare of a day only had my new pup a week she biting lumps out of me she hard of hearing I've tried bonding with her but she bites painfully. I've an older lab she starting to hate her cos of it. 🙄

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    My Day

    I just wanted to brag for a moment, and thought that the Mighty was a good place to do it.
    I got up this morning, but only sat in bed for a half a cup of coffee, not my usual two, not wanting to get up. I got dressed right away and took Little Man out (he's my Service Dog and best friend).
    My apartment is full of work spaces, I use everything as work benches because I'm working on about 346 different projects at the same time. Tools are everywhere. Pieces and parts and gadgets and ideas are everywhere.
    Well, today I completely cleared one whole table,4'x 8', FINISHED nine projects! 9 !!!
    For me, lately has been pretty much bad. My body is failing because of who I used to be, which is a whole nother story. My brain is going downhill because of the stroke, and my depression is hard to ignore.
    But..... today I got up and LIVED!!! I put one foot in front of the other and kept going!!!
    My body will regret it tomorrow, but today was worth it! I lived.
    Tell me about your day? Anything exciting, different, funny, inspirational?

    #bi polar
    #Manic depression
    #suicidal ideation
    #Suicide attempts
    #heart attack
    #Childhood traumas
    #losing hope
    #Still trying hard