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    for some of us its it's that time of the year. for others, like me, its another grueling day.
    trying to understand why being alive is actually a good thing. sometimes it is; waking up to my cat stretching and letting out a huge yawn is one of the best part of my days. sleeping is number one #Inprogress
    the not so great days are when I get headaches from being around people too much, or watching how people treat people with mental illness; sensitive, shy, loner, weird, pill popper.. yea I hate those days.

    but damn it, I'm gonna live my life. whether I seem shy or weird, as long as my heart is still beating.

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    I wish #wish #MentalHealth

    I wish my mental health didn’t get in the way of my natural beauty inside and out.
    By this mean no obsessive behaviour , no under black circles under eyes constant thinking, afraid to show my smile, being intense, not bothering to brush hair sometimes, no to being shouty . ( aka no nice plaits or fish tails) x
    #Wanting #wish #MentalIllness #Work #Inprogress

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