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    Boss’s can be clueless #Work #Stigma #insensitive #2020 #Depression

    The head of the company I work for said that 2020 was like an antidepressant for the employees and the company at our now weekly staff meetings. My first thought for who? The shutdown for the COVID-19 began the same day I checked myself into a inpatient behavioral health facility. While spending my time wondering if all facilities are that useless, I watched the news learning that what epidemiologist said would happen had finally happened. As they they also predicted we were woefully prepared to handle it. After my discharge I learned because my mother is severely immunocompromised and has already had numerous respiratory viruses and infections leaving her with scar tissue and oxygen dependent. Her doctor her chances of survival COVID-19 were slim to none. So I’ve spent the latest year in a constant state of anxiety that she would get sick and die alone. My father never wanted me, and he’s dead. My grandparents are dead. My brother is dead. My older sister has her own family, and my little sister is pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor. My mom got her second shot on March 17th. I’m extremely grateful that we’ve always been able to be tested and have access to the vaccine. I know not everyone does. So no 2020 was not an antidepressant. It was like the anxiety that has always lived in my head playing out in front of me. My fears had become reality of all my family dying were real and very possible. I lost count of how many different antidepressant I’ve been on but 2020 definitely wasn’t one of them. I know this person to be arrogant, self-righteous, self-centered, proud and unfeeling. No one should be allowed to make light and further push those of living mental illness further into the shadows. The thing she knew where I had been so it stung that much more.


    #insensitive Comments#

    How do You deal w #insensitive comments# if Your willing to share?
    I ask as I reached out to My Real Mum today to c if she wanted to catch up as I thought lifes to short not to n to hold a grudge.
    But then the comments come I wont give You a kiss or a cuddle bcos of the coronavirus.
    I mean come on do You not know Me as Your daughter I dont have it n neitha does she mind You.
    Mind You I dont want eitha if Your going to b so ignorant n hurtful. It was the same 4 Years wen I was diagnosed w an incurable illness n I went ovr 2 give My Little GodDaughter a Cuddle n mum whispers its not contagious is it. pardon the xpression but WTF?
    If You REALLY knew Me Id neva put My GodDaughter at r