Started my daily routines but felt "off". I sensed a day of "extra mental work" lay ahead. I could objectively feel a sad mood, room a mess, depression easing in, self-esteem dipping, lack of motivation. I found myself buried in bed at 2:00pm. NO! I had to fight this. I absolutely did NOT feel I had the strength for this battle. Against my own will, 🤭, I physically forced myself out of bed, made myself look halfway decent, and tackled one task at a time around the house.
#k .I.S.S. , no rush. Made sure I corellated moods/meds. REHYDRATED! 4-5 hours later and I am incredibly grateful to feel back to myself and incredibly grateful for all the #goodmedicine and blessings I've absorbed.
Does anyone experience days like this? Do you feel able to lift yourself up?
What works for you?