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° " Good Morning! Lovely Mighty Family.. " ° #NewYear

° " Happy 2023... I Over Did It Last Night And I Definitely Called In. Lolz My 1st Ever At This Store... Well I'm Now Just Not Going To Give A F##k Anymore... There's No Point And I Can't Stand People Pleasing... No More In 2023.. I'll Just Go On And Make My Money... And Let Them Be The Peanut's Teacher.... Wah! Wah! Wah!... Since They Don't Wish To In Prove This Restaurant. And Now Not Let My Stress And Anxiety Get To Me. Yes My Boss Is Just Doing Her Job... But Still Talk To People Who Work For You. In A Nice Way. " ° #2023 Sincerely, Skaoi Kvitravn

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#Selfcare #selfimposedstress

Wow! This “zero talent” list is triggering my mind to take over, reminding me of areas in which I’m “lacking”. Logically I know #takethebest /leavetherest; I need to “leave” this list. I feel overwhelmed, not inspired. Needs to be broken down in smaller chunks. It’s a bit much to focus on. What do you think of lists such as this? It’s morning, I need to start my day, and I need to #k .I.S.S.—keep it simple. #OnedayAtaTime .

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#intunewithmindandbody #Depression #Anxiety

Started my daily routines but felt "off". I sensed a day of "extra mental work" lay ahead. I could objectively feel a sad mood, room a mess, depression easing in, self-esteem dipping, lack of motivation. I found myself buried in bed at 2:00pm. NO! I had to fight this. I absolutely did NOT feel I had the strength for this battle. Against my own will, 🤭, I physically forced myself out of bed, made myself look halfway decent, and tackled one task at a time around the house.
#k .I.S.S. , no rush. Made sure I corellated moods/meds. REHYDRATED! 4-5 hours later and I am incredibly grateful to feel back to myself and incredibly grateful for all the #goodmedicine and blessings I've absorbed.
Does anyone experience days like this? Do you feel able to lift yourself up?
What works for you?


I left without saying goodbye

Well I went on a camping trip with family and friends...i drove up alone and the last one to get there ...i felt so uncomfortable around these "strangers". A group would wander off and not say " do you want to come along"...so i'd be left behind most of the time...on the last day...getting packed up...everyone was busy I walked off with my 2 year old grandson to get Graham crackers out of camper...daughter in law comes running where's Myles...i said in camper.. He can't be alone in there...im watching him. No you're not...i yelled I'M F###king DONE HERE...and left...they kept calling & calling but I didn't answer...i was mad hurt and crying....my son was very angry at me ..said I was very disrespectful and rude for leaving with saying goodbye to all.....SO THE F###k WHAT...its still a problem today....i feel like the square wheel all the time

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The Battle Within... A Poem by Travis Burke

Calm and collect
Please to meet you
Surrounded by friends
Sun shine and blue skies
Puppies and rainbows
I can handle anything
Laughing joking
I can almost pull it together

All hell at at my door
Go f$#k yourself
Alone in a sea of millions
Storm clouds and lightning
Snake bites and hail storms
I’m about to cave in
Dead serious
I’m drifting farther and farther apart

#Anxiety #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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