Having a disability/invisible one, can be very scary for you don't know what your future will hold. Especially when you move to a new state and that the government sucks at helping individuals, getting a job and would require some adaptabilities for you in the job. It is like, why do I even exist, just to stay at home and do nothing and rot. I can't wait to see a counselor, hopefully this will help with my depression and anxiety, that I'm not alone; like The Mighty does. Also getting SSI, takes a long time to get processed, even when you have an invisible disability. Like me you have to explain and do test, to make sure you're not faking a disability, which I do get. It just sucks, sucks and more sucks; I don't wish upon this on anybody, not even my enemies.

Thank you for letting me vent on here, I feel somewhat better.

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