Over the last few weeks, I have been really digging in with a lifestyle change. I decided to use #myfitnesspal and really try and make a difference for myself.
I began a #ketogenic change, and over the course of two weeks, I lost 6 pounds!
For someone like me, my weight is a huge self esteem issue. I was 95 pounds soaking wet as a teen, and in my early twenties I weighed 116.
Now, at 26, I weighed in at 243.8 Saturday. When I began this change, I weighed in at 252. I felt such a sense of #dread and #defeat looking at the almost 300 lb monster I had become.
#Depression had consumed me and I became a #stresseater .
Now, I am happily on my way to changing this, with the mindset #ireallycandothis !
I hope this continues because even just 6 pounds and I feel like a hero.