I’m so tired of living in my head
I don’t want to just survive
I want to be able to live
I try so freaking hard to be strong and to be happy
I feel stuck
Like I can’t get out
I want to start over
I don’t want to live in this fear anymore
I feel like I’m just a burden to everybody in my life tbh
I just want to be happy
Not feel like something is going to come and take it away
I want to find someone who will make me happy
Why is that so hard?
Why can’t I just let people in? It’s easier to push them away or tell them I’m fine
Why can’t people just try to understand me?
I’m a complicated puzzle
I miss feeling like somebody understood me
I could just be the real me
I ask myself why the hell I keep trying
I don’t know how to handle this
Everyone sees me as someone who is strong and always happy
But I’m really not
I’m fragile
I constantly fight a war in my head
I just want to be okay for once
Why is that so bad?
I don’t want to live in fear but I feel like I can’t escape my own freaking mind
#Poem #lonely #innerdemons #justwanttobeokay