Every little thing that we have in mind is connected with memories and experiences that we have gone through. The more we experiencing directly like see and touch, smell and eat, the bigger impact have created in our brain, sort of building a strong connection as a result it plays a very important role with our emotions and sense, as well as our mindset to cope with the life ordeal.

In my real life, I have been struggling with my bad past experiences from changing jobs that I cannot satisfied with and so I did not achieved my targets, then the bad relationships with apparently not the right one and left me with stressfull embarrasing extra baggage, also with the toxic friendship that intimidating and oppressing with such a big gap of social economic status thus I chose to go on my own with very very selective small circle and stay away from anykind of "normal" groups.

Those daunting haunting moments has been building strong connection with what I have become right now, and how to deal with my own life.

It is not necessarily everyone would have the same level of acceptance like mine. But what I have learned from my life lessons was a huge respect toward myself and a truly honest self-acceptance.

I think that Every Single Moment of My Life is either a lesson that have to be accepted, better, worse, good and bad.. OR it is a lesson that I will anticipate with preparations, and in the end I will have to accept with the big giant heart and patience. But at least I have prepared.

So now I am not denying that I have special conditions with my mental health, I have excess baggage from the past that I cannot wipe out of my memory, and I know how hard it is to live day by day with this huge burden I have carried for years. But now I can stay true and original... even only with me and me.

"No matter what mindset of positivity and negativity. Dear, I just have to live in-sanity."

This is My New Normal!

This kind of mindset that I live my life with, for the past 10 years.. it is not for everyone to live by, but everyone at least can try to find the better way of living by their own pace.

#KeepSane #staytrue #stayhealthy