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Creative outlet #ArtTherapy #Autism #EhlersDanlos #Dysautonomia #MentalHealth #SelfHealing #healingvibes

My cornucopia of diagnoses doesn’t seem near as daunting displayed all colorful and creative like this 🤣

What beautiful artwork have you all created recently?

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Everyone is special, and if you’re seeing this right now, you’re a warrior! One of the biggest things helping me heal my mind body and soul has been learning to love myself unconditionally, flaws and all. Be your own reason! Sending you healing vibes ❤️

#MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #SelfHealing #healingjourney

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Healer Pains

Healer Pains

Full of Anger and rage
Feeling like I’m a animal locked in a cage
My nature is so misunderstood
Perhaps it’s time to move on from the hood
But I Love my independent city
Even though the committee ain’t take no pity

Isolated and assets frozen
Although they don’t yet know I’m part of God’s chosen
Treated like a hardcore criminal
My poem are definitely subliminal
If you know me, you’ll get it
Ain’t the usual one to quit

I walked away for self protection
So, wouldn’t be forced into flexion
Straight forward as it can be
Though I did flee, At least I’m free
Self love is a priority
Even if I ain’t in the majority

That don’t stop us from doing as we please
Perhaps, why I’m a narcissist that is to be put in a freeze
From trauma and vulnerabilities we came up,
Banged up, beat up - yet we still worked hard and built up
So, why the hate?
And all the jealousy mate?
Took you for free spins and fed you during your worst

You were injured and I was the one to bring you back to health and nursed
And now I’m cursed?
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you
One day, you gotta regret it my boo
True love, acceptance and understanding- heck, gave even my soul
Now, all this hurt masking as anger and making feel like a burning coal

Quite the toll, though I thought your love was free
Then, why the hefty fee?
Anger and rage on the front
Amidst a manhunt
Hurt and grief under the front
Perhaps, nows the time to get blunt

Yes, I am fucked up
And the only one who saved me is my pup
You were right, I was stupid
The only mistake I made was chasing Cupid
Don’t know my story yet think they know all
Destroying me so I forget to walk and can barely even crawl

Malicious prosecution and defamation
Think it’s a game of persuasion
It’s nothing more than a crime
To prevent me from the social and corporate climb
You think I forgot, that’s cute
I never forget a learned friend dispute

You know I’m better than you
And that’s a strong fact that’s more than just true
Don’t let simple nature and humble attitude fool you into arrogance
You caused me to lose my soul and become spiritless
The student is now the master
Now that deserves a round of applause and laughter

Karma is a mogul’s game
And though I don’t care for the fame, it ain’t gonna stop me from bringing the claim
Justice is overdue, stayed quiet for too long
Have come closer to being proven wrong
My only regret, had I spoken earlier
I would be worthier

Money is important but my people are my assets
They are the ones to get my out of bad debts
Got my back because we init for ride or die
They ain’t no supply, they real niggas on which we can rely
Now that’s a fact you cannot deny
My team here for the full and permanent long haul

And although right now, I’m back at the stage of crawl
I got the mindset and approach to stay resilient
Cuz I found out way too late that I’m more than just brilliant
Genius and gifted talent, that’s God’s chosen
So, let me give you a glimpse of my life in slow-motion
Watch out cuz this girl’s a tornado, not to be tamed

She won’t remain for much longer chained
It’s time to break free
And I think that’s something y’all agree #heartbreak #Love #Pain #growth #soulpain #selfhelp #SelfHealing #writings #Journaling #feelings #Emotions #validation #hurt #Grief #Loss #Rejection #abandonment #social isolation #punishment #Karma #sins #good #bad

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Just me and my tiny thoughts #SelfHealing #mindset #MentalHealth #MightyThoughts

Every little thing that we have in mind is connected with memories and experiences that we have gone through. The more we experiencing directly like see and touch, smell and eat, the bigger impact have created in our brain, sort of building a strong connection as a result it plays a very important role with our emotions and sense, as well as our mindset to cope with the life ordeal.

In my real life, I have been struggling with my bad past experiences from changing jobs that I cannot satisfied with and so I did not achieved my targets, then the bad relationships with apparently not the right one and left me with stressfull embarrasing extra baggage, also with the toxic friendship that intimidating and oppressing with such a big gap of social economic status thus I chose to go on my own with very very selective small circle and stay away from anykind of "normal" groups.

Those daunting haunting moments has been building strong connection with what I have become right now, and how to deal with my own life.

It is not necessarily everyone would have the same level of acceptance like mine. But what I have learned from my life lessons was a huge respect toward myself and a truly honest self-acceptance.

I think that Every Single Moment of My Life is either a lesson that have to be accepted, better, worse, good and bad.. OR it is a lesson that I will anticipate with preparations, and in the end I will have to accept with the big giant heart and patience. But at least I have prepared.

So now I am not denying that I have special conditions with my mental health, I have excess baggage from the past that I cannot wipe out of my memory, and I know how hard it is to live day by day with this huge burden I have carried for years. But now I can stay true and original... even only with me and me.

"No matter what mindset of positivity and negativity. Dear, I just have to live in-sanity."

This is My New Normal!

This kind of mindset that I live my life with, for the past 10 years.. it is not for everyone to live by, but everyone at least can try to find the better way of living by their own pace.

#KeepSane #staytrue #stayhealthy

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Tonight's Lullaby..

Been following this author for awhile on IG. Saw she was releasing a book. Had to support her. I'm excited to get started. I've been starting to dig deeper into my healing process. Thought this would be a good start..

Have any of you Mighties read any good self healing books lately?! If so, I'd love to see what you recommend. ❤

#Anxiety #Depression #Migraines #PTSD #Insomnia #SelfHealing #Chatspace

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Vulnerability #Anxiety #sleepless

Wow just submitted and got approval for my first story to be published . Mighty you’ve been a huge part of my daily mental health for quite some time. I’d tell you exactly how long but that’d require memory and my concept of time is slightly skewed. My piece is raw, I’m feeling vulnerable, yet empowered to continue to share my stories in hopes of furthering my self healing and possibly reaching if just one other person to not feel alone. Funny to have anxiety about the piece I wrote on anxiety sounds like an entirely new story. But yes here I lay unable to sleep while I run through the “scenarios” in my head of what could happen, the damn what if’s! I’m thankful for this safe platform to continue to heal share and aide others in their healing too. I know I’m not alone 💕 #NeverAlone #Survivor #SelfHealing #Bekind

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I’m having a trouble staying focused and motivated when meditating and doing yoga. I’m trying to self heal and get off of my clonazepam.

My anxiety has been at an all time high, and it’s been very unbearable. I work over 40 hours a week so it’s hard to be motivated after work, any tips? #SelfHealing #Meditation #Anxiety #Motivation


Emotional Pain was all I knew #Trauma #CPTSD #SelfHealing

I just always thought things were supposed to be that way; I was conditioned to feel guilt and shame if I was in a good mood. So, things felt right to me to feel bad and to me, pain was comfort; it was shocked me to learn that life could feel amazing and that everyone else felt that way.... #healingfromchildhoodtrauma #CPTSD #selftherapy #Selfdiscovery #narcissism


Has anyone ever heard or read about a case of someone with DID intergrating themselves? #DID #Intergration#SelfHealing

Last night after watching a movie where the plot surrounds characters that turned out to be alter personalities. My husband and I started to talk about #Mpd /DID & I was telling him I don’t remember any of my treatment for the 2 years that I was going for #integration then he turns to me & says #nimh never intergrated you. You intergrated yourself.
(Clue in Twiglight music 😲)
#multiple personality #DissociativeDisorder