Just one more pill and it could all be fine .. Try this new pill.. it will work this time.

I nod my head. I say ok.
I take the pill, and with a swallow obey.

Just to be honest:
I don’t have a clue.
But maybe one more test will show us what to do.

With a million thoughts running through my brain.

I roll up my sleeve so they can find a vein
A rotating cast of
White coats and needles
Scrubs, and scans.

A thousand different pieces.
But no clear picture, no clear plan
I feel my body, struggle and decay.
I try to be a good patient. I try to obey.

I take every pill, lay still for every scan.
Follow every regime protocol and plan.

I try to be the perfect patient.

Yet here I am.

I try to remember what the doctors who care have taught me.

That my health is their job.
But at the end of the day..
It’s my body.
Some will see me, as a name on a chart.
And leave it at that
I may be constantly Tested. Poked, and prodded.
But I’m much more than a Lab Rat. ( picture from @morethansick ). @smileon🐷 #MightyPoets #Spoonie #labrat #ChronicIllness #sickchickstrong