What do I do next? The US has stopped manufacturing and importing the one single drug that helps my pain ! Since this happened, my pain management dr has dropped me bc I refuse a pain pump! #Ontheedge I had stage 4, squamous cell carcinoma of the anus and rectum treated with radiation and chemo! I have advanced AS, OA, PSA, Gout, Scoliosis, Osteoperosis, Multiple joint and spine surgeries that all failed, side effects from chemo and radiation that are literally killing me and I can not get two seconds of pain relief !!!!!Hospitals call me a pill seeker and drs dismiss me bc they cannot fix me or bc I know my body and my history and am an informed patient ! I HATE doctors I HATE I have no hope left
I HATE that there is NOTHING OF ME HERE ANYMORE! I used to be a vibrant, amazing and productive human, wife, mother and daughter! I am nothing now; rotting flesh! PTSD is real and no one is taking me seriously There is only so much one woman’s body and mind can stand! I am broken and there are no bandaides left ;I am going to start to look into legal, assisted suicide, and when I’m gone, please use my story to let the FDA, The AMA and the entire medical community that my pain My fear My Death, is on them and only them #lackofpainmanagement #baddrs #killingme #toomuch #nomore #opioidepidemicmyfoot