New insurance meant new doctors for me. I head to my new PC with my file in hand, my list of notes and concerns because I stumble on words when I’m pain. He greats me with ease and attentiveness, and doesn’t treat me like it’s in my head. We start a plan of attack for answers. Blood work, x-rays and referrals.
Blood work comes back almost normal with some vitamin deficiencies even though I take supplements. There’s also that unexpected positive ANA test. So off to rheumatology for more answers. Next the appointment for the cervical abnormalities. Having a history of cancer cells, #LEEPprocedure , irregular bleeding and much more, I struggle with trying to keep some health issues separate, but some overlap with symptoms. Chronic pain and bleeding both hurt and causing me inflammation. At the same time. Along with fatigue and migraines.
This #journey is just starting again. Hoping for relief, answers and understanding.