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We are all just one event away from homelessness.

Good Afternoon, I am writing today because I am in the running for Ms. Veteran America 2023. I am a finalist and will compete on Oct 8th as Elvis Presley and all proceeds for Ms. Vereran America go directly to Final Salute Inc that helps Female Veterans and their children facing Homlessness.

My story directly corelate with my reason for entering Ms Veteran America 2023 and that is we are all just one event away from experiencing homelessness or worse death. When I was 15 years old while I was in high school, I found out that I had precancer cells growing on my cervix and I had a leap procedure at 15. I had a friend of mine die not to long after high school from ovarian cancer. At 17 I had my jaw fractured by and ex boyfriend and had the case taken to court. It required a lot of strength but led me to join the military while I was in high school, I joined the Army my senior year of High school. I served in both the Army and Navy, special operations and conventional military. I suffered infertility as a service member and military wife for 7 years, spent thousand of dollar in fertility treatment and testing and was a victim of a fertility clinic that was shut down to mal practise because of experimental testing. Recently I experienced a misscarriage at almost 3 months pregnant and before that lost an embryo during IVF. At 7 years I was able to have my mircle IVF baby and at 6 months of age my baby and I moved back to Kentucky to take care of my Aunt that was like my mom that raised me. She found out she had cervical cancer that thanksgiving and I took care of her and my disbabled 36 year old cousin and son until she passed April 25th of 2021. Just a few months later at 18 months my son stoped trying to eat baby food and stoped trying to talk and we took him in for therapy and they said he could be autistic. My son now goes to OT, PT, Play Thearpy and Music therapy and speech almost everyday of the week. And because of my military injuries including a spine ingery and sjogren’s syndrome a sickness that was discovered during a military surgery I spend most of my days going to apts and advocating for health and mental health. I am currently going through IVF again and when I delivered my son we both almost lost our lives and post partum counseling has been of most importance. My reason for including this is because just one of these events or expenses could have led me to homelessness and I want to help the female Vets and their children experiencing homelessness. There are many different reasons and avenues that a person can find themself homeless but very few resources for our female vets and their children and I want them to know they are not alone and help them to get the help they need. I wanted to reach out and see if I could do an interview or article discussing the causes that I am fighting for as a finalist in Ms. Veteran America 2023, such as spreading awareness of the 988 and NC 211 numbers and mental health, Final Salute and resources for female veterans and their children facing homelessness and help for spouses, service members and children facing abuse and how they can find help and how we can help them by providing that safe place and introducing them to help and events like Fayetteville’s “Remember My Name” event. Also how we can give back to our shelter and helping organizations. Ms. Veteran America 2023 will be Oct 8th , 2023.

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Invisableme. I'm here because I have struggled with my mental health since the age of 16. I was diagnosed as having Clinical depression and Anxiety. After having cervical cancer whilst pregnant at age 33, I was eventually diagnosed with fibromalga and Cronic fatigue. I was always able claseed as life and soul of the party, which was a mask or personal persona that I created to feel accepted and loved. Through my late teens these feeling were cover with alcohol and recreational drugs to hide the pain and discuss I felt about my self About 6 years after having cervical cancer I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Due to the trauma during my life I was treated for PSTD. And then complex PSTD. Then about 8 months ago I was diagnosed with EUPD, and the are quering Autisum. I t is a vicious circle fighting my physical health which impacts my mental health. I just wanted to have a safe place where I can reach put to people with like minded condition who understand xxx

#MightyTogether #Anxiety #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Fibromyalgia #PTSD

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I am new here

Hi all, I'm very tech savvy but for some reason I'm having difficulties navigating this site. So ypu might see 2 posts from me 🤷🏽‍♀️ I was diagnosed with CML and Cervical cancer in 2005. I have 2 autoimmune diseases and heart disease. My CML story was featured on here April 21. I didn't know it had been posted until I searched and there it was. 8 hours of taping squeezed into 4 minutes is funny. There are a few misedited info but nothing crazy, just personal info, such as, I I have 3 months until I'm 58 and I no longer have a fiancé. I'm ok with that but the rest of my life is a disaster. Feel free to follow, hit me up, whatever. I'll figure this out. 😂 #ChronicMyelogenousLeukemia #cml #Leukemia

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I’m new here. I’m living with fibromyalgia, spine issues, ptsd, anxiety, depression, undergoing possible cervical cancer investigations and constant pain. I’m putting on weight from all the different medications and it’s really making my depression worse currently. I’m watching what I eat, but still the weight goes on. I don’t know what to do anymore 😢. Sorry no other private safe space to let go x

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Hello 👋

I am back again. Sorry if my absence worried some of you. I have been busy. I have gone through alot. I had cervical cancer and it was caught on time and now I'm cancer free. I have still been dealing with the same family dysfunction due to my addict brother. But along with the bad there was good. I am 8 months from graduating university. Ive been working hard with my studies as well as on myself. #back #CervicalCancer #Anxiety #Depression #undiagnosedmentalhealth #CheckInWithMe


Surgery and Anxiety

I’m undergoing surgery next week to remove some pre-cancerous spots on my cervix and I’m so anxious. It’s not just the surgery that has me anxious, it’s the possibility of what if all the pre-cancerous tissue doesn’t get removed and it develops into cancer? Yeah, I know, that’s what yearly exams are for and it’s not that big a deal, but I’ve never dealt with anything like this before so to me it’s a big deal and I’m so anxious… #Anxiety #CervicalCancer

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How has cancer impacted you or your family’s health story?

For World Cancer Day (February 4th), The Mighty is honoring it by spotlighting two different cancer stories: that of a survivor and that of a caregiver.

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This post (and day) is for you, cancer fam. We honor your journeys today. 💖

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