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To New Beginnings, Everyday is One

I had lots of plans on how to start #2020 but after just leaving the hospital at the end of #2019 as a result of #UlcerativeColitis as well a slew of personal dilemmas, I was pretty lost. Incidentally though I started to come to a bunch of personal realizations of which the most important was how I should continue to fulfill my potential regardless. #LifeIsShort and so I just picked up a couple days into January and got to it. Currently I’m trying to build a creative platform and audience as well as a platform and audience for an educational blog. In between I’m hustling and learning and striving to start school and move into a new place this year. It’s a lot but I know I can figure something out as everything happens for a reason. #LetsGo ! #AutoimmuneDisease can’t and won’t define me. Also listen to the Uninvisible Podcast episode featuring Devri Velazquez

my personal/creative ig @j.thejackal

my educational blog ig @jesbec.edu_