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Acceptance of your Whole Self 🌺

Acceptance of one’s whole self is seemingly difficult these days. The criticism and scepticism that people face from others on a daily basis is scary, unbelievable and daunting. I think what makes these feelings of judgement and worthlessness worse are the thoughts that we believe them to be true. These self-doubts can become debilitating at times. When these feelings and beliefs arise, I have a look at the passage below. It speaks of acceptance of one’s self. Self acceptance is vital in these times we live in. We rely on it to heal from our past to ensure we understand how to better our actions/ reactions in the future. Be patient in this process and know you are trying your best every day to simply be better than the day before. Accept the good and bad parts of yourself. Never condoning, nor judging, the side that requires the most growth. That’s all you can do. You are worth your own love 🌻🌻🌻

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To New Beginnings, Everyday is One

I had lots of plans on how to start #2020 but after just leaving the hospital at the end of #2019 as a result of #UlcerativeColitis as well a slew of personal dilemmas, I was pretty lost. Incidentally though I started to come to a bunch of personal realizations of which the most important was how I should continue to fulfill my potential regardless. #LifeIsShort and so I just picked up a couple days into January and got to it. Currently I’m trying to build a creative platform and audience as well as a platform and audience for an educational blog. In between I’m hustling and learning and striving to start school and move into a new place this year. It’s a lot but I know I can figure something out as everything happens for a reason. #LetsGo ! #AutoimmuneDisease can’t and won’t define me. Also listen to the Uninvisible Podcast episode featuring Devri Velazquez

my personal/creative ig @j.thejackal

my educational blog ig @jesbec.edu_