I know I have ranted before about my job. I am working as a personal assistant, I have worked with several people, and I know I cannot be everyone’s cup of tea, still the rejection makes me sad, I take good feedback because it will help me, but sometimes it drains me. About the current people I am working for:

They told me to be proactive, but once I started to act proactively, they told me they didn’t ask me to do it. So, then, I wait for their feedback on the tasks and ask them questions, but then, it happens that they tell me they don’t want to micromanage and that I should pay attention and don’t ask many questions. Then I start asking fewer questions and start acting from my perspective of what is good to do, but then they tell me (again) that is not what they wanted and why I didn’t ask :(

Also, she uses phrases like “I do think”, does that mean she is only thinking, right? Not exactly providing instruction. English is not my main language, I know I am not perfect at that.

I have had clients in the past, that always used to tell me compliments and I know I am not a piece of garbage, and that I am capable to do things well. But with this person is like every time I am failing.

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