Do any of you ever find yourself going into detail? I think due to my TBI and 1 location was on Frontal Lobe so Cognitive has you speaking or going into a lot of detailed info. I don't usually know I'm doing it until after the fact. Then, of course I feel embarrassed bc of how long-winded it looks when written or a " Chatty Cathy" when speaking on certain things. I used to be good at keeping in a lot more than I revealed and definitely can feel how it's changed all my relationships w ppl in my life which really hurts and find myself alone more than I felt before when it was easier to not talk about how I'm feeling. I was in a wreck and brain isn't quite the same, not much especially physically is the same and that cost a lot of "friendships" and even relationships w family members. Of course ppl don't understand so they'll pick on me about certain things or try to tell me what I need to do or say to make it better. As if it were that easy, if so then obviously we wouldn't be feeling certain ways about certain things which we all have our own topics or actions that cause Triggers for us. See, I've done it even further. Maybe bc dealing with so much medically speaking and being Disabled due to the actions of another which I have been through Therapy to forgive. I'm a 44 year old woman battling every day life obstacles primarily in a wheelchair, sometimes Prosthetic but above knee so literally pain in my butt and I can't work while I live in my house I bought 3 yrs prior. I go days, wks & even mnths at a time where I don't have contact with others. I used to be so what they said was the life of the party where my smile and laugh captured everyone in the room and had a job I loved w ppl overall I loved working w. Then BAM! Suddenly too much of a bother and felt how ppl were no longer comfortable being around me thus not being treated the same and not getting invites or even texts to get together to catch up. #TraumaticBrainInjury #LimbAmputations #chronicpainsufferer #SeparationAnxietyDisorder