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What Advice Would You Give ???

You Are Strong And Never Give Up You Got This
Remember You Are Loved 🥰
#PTSD #MentalHealth #chronicpainsufferer


Getting a diagnosis #Diagnosis

Feeling flat today been managing to keep myself up but Iv flattened! I saw msk last week wasn’t great really I managed to do the exercises so he basically said I’m ok nothing wrong. I got the letter today of his report it’s positive and negative when I showed my husband he said yeah it sounds like he thinks your making it up and having my husband confirm my fears I just feel flat now! I’m in agony every day and can hardly walk daily. Iv applied for pip and disabled badge how am I ment to make them believe me if doctors don’t! Should I just keep asking the doctor? I am been referred to pain so maybe I can talk to them? Ugh spent my whole life in pain but only just started seeing the doctor again about it after a slipped disk knocked me off my feet 6 months ago. I have hyper mobility, scoliosis and facet joint arthropery I just feel is that enough of a diagnosis as every time I talk to doctor they as oh yeah those things are common your fine crack on! #JointHypermobilitySyndrome #Hypermobility #facetjointarthropery #fja #Arthritis #ChronicPain #chronicpainsufferer #amidisabled #Disability


I believe my RA cost me my college admissions #RheumatoidArthritis #Arthritis

Typing with my hands is getting harder.
Staying mentally fit is getting harder.
My academics suffered in my high school years as I struggled to manage my RA and academics. I dropped from being at the top 5% of the class to just below average. For some reasons, admissions officers didn't take this into consideration while making decisions regarding my college application.

Eventually, only 3 schools accepted me out of the over 20 schools I applied to. But there's very little assurance I'll be able to attend college this fall due to insufficient financial aid.

I'll be 20 this year, and I'm hopeful that I'll make something useful out of pain-filled 10 years from now. I just hope I get to attend college soon.



Do any of you ever find yourself going into detail? I think due to my TBI and 1 location was on Frontal Lobe so Cognitive has you speaking or going into a lot of detailed info. I don't usually know I'm doing it until after the fact. Then, of course I feel embarrassed bc of how long-winded it looks when written or a " Chatty Cathy" when speaking on certain things. I used to be good at keeping in a lot more than I revealed and definitely can feel how it's changed all my relationships w ppl in my life which really hurts and find myself alone more than I felt before when it was easier to not talk about how I'm feeling. I was in a wreck and brain isn't quite the same, not much especially physically is the same and that cost a lot of "friendships" and even relationships w family members. Of course ppl don't understand so they'll pick on me about certain things or try to tell me what I need to do or say to make it better. As if it were that easy, if so then obviously we wouldn't be feeling certain ways about certain things which we all have our own topics or actions that cause Triggers for us. See, I've done it even further. Maybe bc dealing with so much medically speaking and being Disabled due to the actions of another which I have been through Therapy to forgive. I'm a 44 year old woman battling every day life obstacles primarily in a wheelchair, sometimes Prosthetic but above knee so literally pain in my butt and I can't work while I live in my house I bought 3 yrs prior. I go days, wks & even mnths at a time where I don't have contact with others. I used to be so what they said was the life of the party where my smile and laugh captured everyone in the room and had a job I loved w ppl overall I loved working w. Then BAM! Suddenly too much of a bother and felt how ppl were no longer comfortable being around me thus not being treated the same and not getting invites or even texts to get together to catch up. #TraumaticBrainInjury #LimbAmputations #chronicpainsufferer #SeparationAnxietyDisorder


Chronic Pain vs Pain Mangement

I have chronic pain I have Fibro, RA,
ankylosing spondylitis, IC/BPS, sciatica, spinal stenosis, arthritis etc.....

So I am being told by my Pain Dr that I cannot be on pain meds for the rest of my life. Now my pain is chronic as in forever like we know these dx’s are uncureable.
So how can a pain dr take the stance of taking away my pain pills every month ?
She said to me you can’t be on pain meds forever.

You think this is what I wanted to be on a ton of pills a day?
So you’re start weaning me without telling me down. Thing is I foreshadowed this coming so I got my medical marijuana card. In hopes that this can help.

I realized beginning of 2020 she had cut one month by 25 pills without telling me then she started talking to me about cutting more and more and more.
From when we started (year and a half) she already cut me down by by 75 pills and she’s not finished.

I am pisssed as all hell but my husband doesn’t think it’s a big deal. I’m just like if my conditions weren’t chronic and uncureable ok but I’m still gonna be in pain.

4 years ago I had a gastric sleeve so a lot of medicine I was on I was told I could no longer take because stomach. No longer take inflammatories. Now at the time of the surgery I was also on OxyContin for quite a few years by then.

I was told I could no longer be able to take them and was also told by at least 12 dr’s that I would either never be able to get off or it would take years to take me off.

Well we figured out a schedule and I was off them in a month and a half. That’s when they put me on what I am now and she has been trying to crazy weening me every month.

My main concern is I’m 52 I’ve been a warrior now for 20 plus years. It makes me thou really scared to think of what my life is going to be like at 60 or 70. The woman in my family live till late 80’s. Any body else dealing with a similar situation?

#RA #RheumatoidArthritis #Fibro #Fibromyalgia #ic /BPS #InterstitialCystitis #PTSD #sciatica #PituitaryTumors #Nervedamage #AnkylosingSpondylitis #LymeDisease #LymeWarrior #ChronicPain #chronicpainsufferer #DDD #Migraines

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How to deal with chronic AND post surgical pain? #chronicpainsufferer #totalhipreplacement

I am post op total hip replacement 13 days now and although my surgical pain is better, my day to day chronic pain is still with me, bringing a new one. Arthritis in my knee cap. Ugh! 😖 no matter the amount of oxy or celebrex I take for the pain, there is always another form of pain waiting when the meds wear off. My pic is my sweet Cinderella spying on me for every cry, ach and moan I share with her. She pops her head up and let's me know she sees me. She is my support system and I am so grateful to God for her. 😊🤗❤🙏🐕


Does anyone have hand tremors?

I started getting shaky hands about 3 and a half weeks ago. I have psoriatic arthritis, so i asked my rheumy if the tremors were related. She told me no. I have fibromyalgia and a chronic pain sufferer. I was wondering if anyone with fibro has experienced hand tremors? I try to take a picture on my phone and it comes out blurry from my hands shaking. #Fibromyalgia #chronicpainsufferer #PsoriaticArthritis


“It’s Just So Much” #chronicpainsufferer

It’s just so much to deal with
We try real hard not to lose our grip
It’s just so hard to explain why we feel so bad
No one seems to understand why at times we are sad
It’s just so not fair in our eyes
Because we try so hard for you not to hear our cries
It’s just so hard dealing with the jeers
And we do not want to tell others our fears
It’s just so hard when our pain waxes and wains
We pray for it all go away so it is the freedom we gain
It’s just hurts us so much that we cannot even handle a touch
No one even wants to hear what we have to say
Our pain is so black and white there’s definitely no gray
It’s just so hard to fight a never ending war
We sometimes we are balled up on the floor
No docs we aren’t just seeking pain pills
When all we want is relief that we feel.