So...I have decided to stop being so stubborn.

Though I’d rather not, I’ve decided to not just accept, but embrace the diagnoses I live with now. I’ve spent the last almost-five years wanting to be who I was back then. Though I’ve felt bittersweet relief as diagnoses were finally made, I’ve refused to truly accept them. And that’s not helping anyone, not me, or my loved ones.

So, I’m taking steps forward. They aren’t always pretty. In fact, they’re frequently painful and unsteady. However, they are wise steps nonetheless. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still grieve. There will be moments, hours, and days I wish this wasn’t my reality. But if I have things in place to help me, ideally, the frustration will be less.

I’m setting up a Feel Better Cart!

I will keep items which bring comfort: tissues; throat drops; bottled water; heating pad (with extension cord); fluffy socks; pain meds; a few snacks. I will also include things which bring joy: Bible studies; a candle; mindless magazines; pictures of my children & grandson; colored pens and a sketch pad. 🙂

I’ve decided to stop being stubborn. To use the things I’m surrounded by to save my energy and sustain it. To take care of myself. And in turn, take care of others.

You’re worth it, Friend.
What would be on your Feel Better Cart?

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