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You're stronger than you think

If you're reading this, I'm glad you're still here. You've survived every bad day so far with a 100% success rate and that makes YOU a badass! 🤍 # Survivor #badass #worthit #youaremighty #youareloved

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Selflove all over again!

I was so happy when I saw your positive reactions to my selflove post yesterday. Thank you guys 🙏💕 So I thought it would be nice to focus on that a little more and try to bring in some more selflove and positive vibes here. ☀️

We chronically ill people forget ourselves quite often. We all are protecting people around us because we do not want them to suffer or to worry. But who protects us and helps us to get through each day of suffering? We are, every day again!Therefore, it is even more important for us to take good care of ourselves. We deserve to be loved and we deserve to love ourselves! So let's choose ourselves every day again! ❤️

Illustration from @illujodes 🙏✨️

#Selflove #worthit #chooseyourself #ChronicIllness #HEDS #Fibromyalgia #Depression #MentalHealth

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It’s okay not to be okay

Hello, I have high anxiety and living in a bad place, where I’m belittled talked down to and yelled at. Let me start at the start. 2022, good reddens because it wasn’t a good year. Today, I had to call 911 for my husband.

He had a bad asthma attack. Being stressed I thought my friend would be a little supportive. Nope… so I called 911. Bring Canadian and knowing breathing issues, you don’t mess with. After, I have come inside. My so called dear friend decided to chew me out for wasting tax payers dollars. Now I pay taxes as a Canadian so how am I doing this?

she makes me feel like scum 24/7. I’m smart three college degrees and this girl corrects me, mocks me and now yells at me like I’m a waste of space. She doesn’t do this to anybody else but her brother. She wouldn’t even yell at her dogs this way.

so not only do I have viral pneumonia I can add high anxiety symptoms to the list. I do everything for her including her laundry. All she does is talk down to me. I have known her since I was 6 ,so this is hard. What would anybody do in this time? Yes, we’re moving I’m disabled not dumb. But being that we are struggling moving is very hard right now. She can’t understand how she’s physically messes with me.

#worthit #onlyhuman #whyjustwhy #bekind2023

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#yournotalone #Trauma #worthit

When You Learn To Let Go, Your Heart Feels A Lighter!! Growing And Enlightening Others!!

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Stop being so stubborn, Spoonie!

So...I have decided to stop being so stubborn.

Though I’d rather not, I’ve decided to not just accept, but embrace the diagnoses I live with now. I’ve spent the last almost-five years wanting to be who I was back then. Though I’ve felt bittersweet relief as diagnoses were finally made, I’ve refused to truly accept them. And that’s not helping anyone, not me, or my loved ones.

So, I’m taking steps forward. They aren’t always pretty. In fact, they’re frequently painful and unsteady. However, they are wise steps nonetheless. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still grieve. There will be moments, hours, and days I wish this wasn’t my reality. But if I have things in place to help me, ideally, the frustration will be less.

I’m setting up a Feel Better Cart!

I will keep items which bring comfort: tissues; throat drops; bottled water; heating pad (with extension cord); fluffy socks; pain meds; a few snacks. I will also include things which bring joy: Bible studies; a candle; mindless magazines; pictures of my children & grandson; colored pens and a sketch pad. 🙂

I’ve decided to stop being stubborn. To use the things I’m surrounded by to save my energy and sustain it. To take care of myself. And in turn, take care of others.

You’re worth it, Friend.
What would be on your Feel Better Cart?

#Fibromyalgia #Migraine #TrigeminalNeuralgiaType2 #spoonielife #livewiser #worthit


Sometimes the pain is #worthit

Yesterday i did a thing. and i know you guys will understand.
I have #HypermobilitySyndrome, but stay as active as i can. Yesterday I shot (archery) at a world record status shoot (a big deal) and shot the best i have for a long time. i shot through the pain, the anxiety, the fear. I ENJOYED the day, despite loosing throughout. I stopped caring about what score i had and simply had fun. Turns out thats exactly what i needed to do.
despite it being a bad week of pain, i won.
not only did i come first, but i got 2 progress badges, two personal bests and 2 county records.
This just proves you #candoit and are #Stronger than you think. Your #Disability or #condition doesn't #holdyouback , you do.
i know that im alot better off than some people on here health wise, and it doesn't have to be something as big as this. but just get up and do something because you #wantto and #enjoyit and feel #proud of yourself for doing it.
love you, mighties. stay strong.

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Late night thoughts

An artists way of expression is through imagery and color, but what about your thoughts? Maybe even mine? What picture do they paint in your head? Are they gruesome and mean. Filthy beings only there for the pleasure to break you down....
Do you know someone dealing with those thoughts? If you asked yourself if you know anyone who is struggling, would you help them? Maybe you know that you, yourself, are struggling. So my question for you is.. Would you be the one to help the way a pencil or paint brush helps an artist? Would you be the one to bring the color back? #Thoughts #SuicideAwareness #MentalHealthAwareness #EatingDisorders
#BodyDysmorphicDisorder #PTSD #Anxiety #Awareness #helpingothers #savealife #worthit #StayStrong

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#lovemyself , #selfhelp , #worthit

This is the one thing I have to remind myself everyday all day long. It’s been hard for me it was the one thing my counselor has had me work on ... I can’t get through it without crying and not believing.... so now it’s my phone screen saver so I can see it all day, and I have to love myself for my children


The Shaft #OpioidEpidemic #OpioidStigma

Only recently did my primary care physician (whom I’ve know for many many years) take pity on me, the chronic pain patient who had already tried EVERYTHING else after 18 years of doing my time (chronic pain time, not prison, come on guys, like we have the energy for crime).
At this point, I was losing my mind from pain due to #Fibromyalgia and #Lupus as well as the eighteen year stint with #Endometriosis . Not a day without pain, no more work, existing, not living.
So here I am, thanking God for the relief to come. My dr says to me...don’t expect a pain day to ever be better than a 6 (on that STUPID pain scale... where really, my pain goes from tolerable to intolerable. Every month is like jumping through a million hoops to get my script. My doctor messes up the script, the pharmacy needs to triple check their asses, I’m being accused of asking early when February had 28 DAYS, and for once - my math is right.
There is no situation here where I don’t look like a drug seeker when all I need is the dr to okay the pharmacy, but it’s like pulling teeth.
And my pain is never better than a six. #worthit ?