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    × " I'm In Constant State Of Chronic Pain... And Pain Pill's Are Not Working... I Want To 😭😢😥" × #Feeling Saddness

    × " Sigh I Litterly Hate My Body... Especially My Leg's And Back... I Have To Alway's Fake It Till I Make It... I Know It Not Good. To Do This To People...But I Don't Like Showing Any Kind Of Emotion's... And Appearing Weak. My #Insomnia Is Out Of Wack Now... I'm Back To Lying Awke Until Sunrise... I'm In So Much.. That I Would Rather Be Alone And Not Tell A Soul. How Much I'm In Pain... I Do Streching And Work Out's... But It Only Help's Short Term. Ever Since I Was Little I Have Been Wanting For This To Go Away. But It Won't Sigh... Having # Chronic Pain And Physical Pain Is Another Full - Time Job. I Just Couldn't Put Another Person To Come Into My Life Through This. I Want Someone To Eventually Understand That This Isn't A Joke... It Is Definitely Real... And That I'm Only Part Of This Package Of Never Ending Nightmare Of Severe Chronic Sleep/Pain. " × #LoveAllOfMe ☆ S.K. ☆#I 'mOnlyHuman

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