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Launching my newsletter, Self-Care for Medical Parents!

Please join me along this self-care journey. I am sharing all the lessons I’ve learned from over 20 years of caregiving and am still discovering about self-care. Sign-up here if you are interested. http : // #medicalparents


Need medical parents to share their story.

I have been a contributor to The Mighty Parenting Kids With Disabilities for about 6 months. I’d like to introduce myself and my project. I have a 22-year-old daughter who has been diagnosed with Turner Syndrome multiple heart defects celiac disease Crohn’s disease and more. We have been fortunate that she has had two life-saving open-heart surgeries one at birth and one at 20 years old to replace part of her ascending aorta and her aortic valve to prevent aortic dissection. As all of you understand the stress of raising a child with a complex medical condition is ongoing. I searched and have not found many books devoted to this topic so I put together a 50- page book proposal called “How Self-Care is Possible After Your Child’s Diagnosis.” I am looking for input from more parents and would be grateful if you filled out the survey attached. Thank you

https //

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