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    What fills your cup? (Part 2!)

    Happy Friday, friends!

    As we continue to reflect on the activities that bring us joy and replenish our energy, I’d love to take time to elaborate on our poll answers from Wednesday (the poll is still open, BTW!). For instance, if you responded that music fills your cup, maybe you can share what kind of music you like or the band you dance to when you feel emotionally drained.

    I’ll get the ball rolling! When I’m feeling especially low and empty, I know I can turn on one of my favorite Dungeons & Dragons podcasts and let myself get caught up in the story. If I’m feeling up to it, going on a walk outside (usually to a local coffee shop!) while listening makes this method even more effective.

    Do I sometimes have difficulty finding the motivation to actually do these things when my cup is empty? I sure do. But it is definitely worth it in the end.

    What brings you joy and replenishes your energy?

    Who knows? Maybe we’ll find some new things to try this weekend!

    #PTSD #CPTSD #Trauma #selfcare #Depression

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    How do you replenish your mental, physical, and emotional energy? I hope your cup is filled to the brim today.

    Select all that apply
    10 days left
    Alone time
    Going outside
    Exercising, doing yoga, or dancing
    Creating art of any kind or writing
    Listening to music or a podcast
    Watching a movie or TV show
    Eating a great meal or drinking a favorite beverage
    Getting a massage, pedicure, manicure, facial, or haircut

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    #MentalHealth #Selfesteem #selfcare #Selfconfidence #InspirationalQuotes

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    How can you prioritize yourself and your healing this weekend?

    We’ve arrived at the end of another week! For some, the weekend is a great chance to get some rest and unwind at the end of the week. For others, it may be challenging to have so much unstructured time or some might be faced with stressful errands or tasks to catch up on that they didn’t have time to complete during the week. And for others still, the weekend may consist of two more workdays.

    I personally find my weekends to be a combination of the first two options. I have a hard time completing personal tasks – let alone making time for fun – during the work week, so I tend to let everything pile up on the weekend, which just makes me anxious, which leads to me feeling overwhelmed and unable to accomplish everything I set out to do. I also usually wind up with a horrible migraine attack during the weekend (that sometimes lasts the whole weekend and into Monday), so my body sort of forces me to get some rest.

    This weekend, I’m going to try to prioritize myself and my healing by getting more sleep (maybe even take some naps!), following through on my prescribed skincare regimen, plan a reasonable amount of tasks (perhaps even scheduling them while not being hard on myself if I don’t stick to the schedule), and not forgetting to have some fun.

    OK, even these plans sound like a bit much. 😅

    Friends, how are you prioritizing yourselves this weekend (or the next day you find yourself with some free time)? Please remember to be gentle on yourselves!

    #PTSD #CPTSD #Anxiety #selfcare #CheckInWithMe

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    The Jacaranda on Belonging

    I love what the Jacaranda has to say about belonging, and letting go of injuries. Just thinking of this cheery tree is a comforting summery thought for the dark of winter. "Plant Talk" is my book about nature's support for sickness and suffering with illustrations by Caroline Bagnall. Currently editing the first draft.

    #plantlove #plantmedicine #plantwisdom #plantvoices #Selflove #selfcare #anxietyrelief #UlcerativeColitis #AnalCancer #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #InvisibleIllness #PTSD #crohnsandcolitisawareness #crohnsdiseaseawareness #crohnandcolitisawarenessweek #crohnscolitis #crohnsandcolitis #crohnswarrior #CrohnsDisease #crohnssurvivor

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    You are the only one in control of you:

    #MentalHealth #Selfesteem #selfcare #Selfconfidence #InspirationalQuotes

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