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When no one understands

You feel empty, unable to breathe and time pauses. Maybe one day. #Depression #selfcare

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New Episode Alert! Overwhelmed? Here’s How We Self-Soothe 🧊

Bubbles? Gum? Tea? Essential oils? In this episode, Ashley (hey that's me!), @camararollin, and @skyeg play a riveting round of “yes/no/meh/hard pass” when it comes to self-soothing techniques. Learn more about this DBT skill, what exactly “urge surfing” is, and try out Camara’s secret question that seemingly helps both hiccups and panic attacks. (Hint: It involves horses!)

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P.S. Here's the list of Mighty community recs we pulled from:

#MentalHealth #selfcare #PanicAttacks #Anxiety


22 Things to Put in Your 'Self-Soothing' Kit

How do you self-soothe?
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My name is Gabriel or Gabe as some people call me. I am here to meet and possibly befriend new people whom I can relate to, emotionally, and who can help contribute to my healing, as well as the healing of anyone else who may be experiencing more/less than what I’m about to describe.

I tend to develop abandonment anxiety with romantic connections. The higher the emotional connection, the more intense the abandonment anxiety can be. I will irrationally fear an abandonment is forthcoming if one of my triggers gets set off even if there’s no evidence to support that idea. Some of my triggers include little or no communication (texting mostly), she’s upset with me, she doesn’t reciprocate the love I give, or if the text conversation is short and concise. Interestingly, I only experience these anxieties with romantic individuals with an emotional connection in-place. It is never felt with any other social group. Never.

If an abandonment does occur by a romantic individual, I will experience an excruciatingly intense and profound depression where I’ll feel extremely depressed for several days. I’ll painfully weep and feel the depression take over my mind. I’ll be in a very low mood for days with very gradual healing.

I also come with an anxious attachment issue as well. My mind and heart CRAVE love so once I do get it from my romantic individual, I tend to superglue myself to her because of my mind’s intense craving for it. Once she shows me love (hand holding, cuddling, kissing, etc), I’ll return it back but usually 3x than what she gave me. I have been working with a talk therapist for almost one year now and actively working on these issues with her. She’s GREAT and someone I feel very safe with.

Thank you for reading this. ❤️🙏 #MentalHealth #Anxiety #selfcare #Trauma #CheckInWithMe #Love #Depression #MentalHealth


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