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*Show the door to those who attempt to crush you.

*May every moment be magic.

*We need way more smiles than frowns.

*The journey is where the best life lessons come from.

*Fear never goes away when it's ignored. It's going to be very, very scary but you have to take a deep breath and just go for it.

*Open your eyes to all the progress life brings.

*Keep moving forward... even if you have to sometimes crawl.

*Today is all we are given.

#MentalHealth #selfcare

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What Is Your Favorite Book and Why?

We all have books that we especially relate to and that inspires us. What’s your favorite book and why?

#themightyreaders #CheckInWithMe #selfcare

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*When the storms occur, use an umbrella and hold tight.

*Allow yourself to feel your emotions.

*We have had enough of hate. Let's start filling up with love.

*Be open to new opportunities.

*Enjoy the ride called Life. Put on the helmet. Put on the seat belt and hang on.

*Enjoy every day you have. It's a very special gift to be alive.

#MentalHealth #selfcare

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*Make each day as a chance to have a new start.

*Use other people's doubts as fuel to keep you going.

*Let's remember that we are all warriors and we will win.

*Be the beast you were meant to be.

*Definitely time to focus on the here and now and to quit worrying about what was and what might have been.

*Embrace every part of yourself.

*Believing in yourself is more important than what anybody else thinks.

*Sometimes you learn more in failure than you do in success.

#MentalHealth #selfcare

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What are some ways you could simplify your living space?

Whether it’s finding a better system to store your food, taking unused clothes or shoes to be donated, or readjusting your furniture so you can move around your home more comfortably; different actions can be taken to simplify your living space — especially if you find you want to make some changes but don’t exactly know where to start.

What would simplify your living space and make it more comfortable for you?

#52SmallThings #MentalHealth #selfcare #Anxiety #Depression #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Disability #RareDisease #CheckInWithMe #Caregiving #Autism #ADHD

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*Your invisible security bubble is doing more harm than good. Pop it before it's too late.

*If you want to be your best, be willing to forgive yourself and move on.

*It's your character not your work that counts.

*Love who you are. You are very special. You are loved. You are worthy of all the positive out there.

*Take it one day at a time, one moment at a time.

*Listen to and trust in yourself. You've got this.

*The real magic occurs when you find your true self.

#MentalHealth #selfcare

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What is currently taking up more of your time and energy than you’d like?

We all have different levels of responsibilities, tasks, and daily chores that take up a portion of our day and brain space because, well, we just have to get them done. (Adulting is #fun!)

But, do you ever feel like there’s one or more of those things that take up much more time than it has to and could use a revamp or different approach?

Mighty staffer @xokat would love to find a way to make washing her hair (or, honestly, her whole showering routine in general) a little less draining. What about you?

#52SmallThings #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #selfcare #CheckInWithMe #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Disability #RareDisease #Caregiving

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Something I own but never use is...

Simplifying our lives requires us to examine and reflect on the different aspects of our daily routines, habits, and surroundings. This includes taking out, changing, or adjusting what we feel isn’t necessarily adding value to our day-to-day. That can even mean looking through our belongings to see what we have, but rarely (or ever) use.

As you take a look around your space, what can you find that you own that you don’t use or haven’t used in a really long time? What can you do with that belonging that will help simplify that “clutter”?

#52SmallThings #selfcare #CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #Caregiving #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #RareDisease #Disability #ADHD

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Select the mantra(s) you'd like to live by this week.

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📈 Build confidence
🦋 Embrace change
🙌 Create connection
💪 Embody strength
🤗 Seek self-love
🌱 Welcome growth
☀️ Focus on hope
🧘 Encourage calm
😍 Appreciate joy
☮️ Prioritize peace
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