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What will become to my memories

Most my memories are remembered with a smell. I know that this is not wierd. I think that theres a name for this kind of thing. But my point is my memories are triggered also by smells. So now I'm wondering and a bit worried about how this is going to work since I lost my taste and smell from this dumb Virus .. HOW WILL I BUILD MORE MEMORIES? . HOW WILL THE OLD ONES COME INTO MY MIND NOW? I'm really getting anxiety over this new situation and worried that my life is really changing and this time I'm not quite sure how to change with it. #Anxiety #Memoriescanbehealing


Is having dilated cardiomyopathy too dangerous to do coaching? #for the loveofthegame

As a student athlete, I was coached to never stop playing unless a bone was sticking out or I was in too much pain; however, I remember after about ten years why I loved team sports so much. The reason I played team sports and joined the military because I needed to belong to something that was bigger than myself. I have always had self-determination but for the life of me I cannot get past the hurt having to leave the Army as well as my friends behind. I know that God/Higher Power has a purpose for me and for my life but I just need to find it. #TBIscostsomuchmore

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