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#mesh surgical repair complications

If you have had surgical repair of

#hernia #PelvicOrganProlapse #Prolapse #sui #Incontinence #UrinaryIncontinence #BladderIncontinence

months, or years ago.. and you haven’t been well, it may be related to the #medicaldevice #implant #mesh #tape #sling #Patch #tvt #tvto that was used.

Complications include:



for all you unfortunate mesh sufferers,
Netflix has a documentary called the bleeding edge about 30 minutes in is a peace on mesh and the effects it can have I think it's a must-watch for all spouses , parents , family members or even best friends gives a very good understanding of what the patient goes through, and just what happens when vaginal mesh goes wrong.


Describe your pain #TheMighty #ChronicPain #hernia #mesh #DE

Show this to a doctor and ask for the comments.

An abscess or toothache can make you suffer,
But chronic pain? its like no other,
The tooth you can pull, to cure your pain,
But our pains hit you, again and again,
How to describe, what we suffer daily,
We can’t its impossible, so please don’t ask me,
On the outside we look like, normal people,
But on the inside, we are burning, like molten treacle,
A forest fire, burns within,
Symptoms so varied, they won’t give in,
This I’m afraid, is our daily struggle,
It affects your brain, and makes you, all muddled,
To explain what we are feeling, is impossible,
Its different each day, severe and terrible,
If you don’t suffer, with pain like we do,
You won’t understand, what we are going through,
Not that we want you, to be as we are,
Wishing pain on another, is taking it too far,
Image, the worst pain, you’ve had in your life,
Then combine it, with someone, stabbing you, with a hot knife,
Our pains are relentless, a constant companion,
Description impossible, there is no comparison. #Poetry #ChronicPain #Depression #hernia