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    At Value Village i seen this name brand change purse. I really wanted. I didn't have enough money. I really really really wanted it. Have you ever just wanted something. lol. So i thought i have an another and they might have aother ones come in latter. I keepted thinking of it. That usually means you want something. Anyways. My dad gave me the resst so i could buy it. I'll just give it back to hime when i get paid on friday. But April is a fresh start with my money, I think i just like the thrill of buying things. The #happy feeling you get for that few seconds.I also have my period. So yeah feeling emotions and blah. I can just be really bad with money. I need to be a little more smart. But i like this change purse. Don't think i'll buy anymore for a while. Unless it's maybe a really nice one. lol

    Today Your family may not know everything that you are going through but God does and He is the One that will bring you through safely. I pray that the power of God protects you today and lifts you up from any low place you find yourself in. If you are feeling pressed down mentally, I plead the blood of Jesus over your mind and I pray that every thought will line up with the Word of God and I pray that you will remember, God is for you and He will take care of you always. If you are feeling pressed down spiritually, I pray today that He binds up every spirit that has been ruling, reigning, and operating in your life that is unlike the spirit of God and He casts them out right now. I pray and speak joy, peace, and love to strength to you. I pray that the power of God and the presence of God will overtake you right now. If you are feeling pressed down financially, I pray that the blessings and increase of God break forth in your life. I pray that you have proven to be obedient to Him, I pray that He rewards your obedience. I pray today that you rise up from whatever has pressed you down and I pray that you experience God's best in your life. I pray that this be thy will and in Jesus’ name ... Amen.

    Mary Jo Hensley Ruebusch

    #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression

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    Can people with #MentalHealth issuess keep friendships?

    It's just really hard being friends with people with serious #mental #illness . It feels like the friend ship is one side. When they are to #depressed to support you. Sometimes it feels like you put in all the effort into the friendship; #TheMighty #MightyTogether

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    My mind is reppressing the trauma I've been through. It's blocking me from feeling it all these years later. It has never let me process it. I remember what happened but it's as if I am remembering someone else's memory. My mind is still trying to protect me from it.#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Trauma #Rejection #abandonment #betrayal #hurt #Pain #shock

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    Let's go to the movies!

    What's your favorite movies and what are they about?

    1. War Room - spiritual warfare and prayer as our strategy for war
    2. The Shack - a man invited to spend the weekend with the Trinity after a traumatizing experience
    3. Heaven Is For Real - a kid's experience going to heaven during surgery after a burst appendix
    #TheMighty #MightyTogether #DistractMe #Movies

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    I am scared as hell about someone. Had a dream about them a couple nights ago that they had a medical emergency and didn't make it. Then I realize they have been MIA for a week. Reached out but no acknowledgement which is unusual. I am crying. Been praying like hell. Trying to trust God. There's a song that came to mind and am striving to do this even though it is so hard to do.

    Even when the fight seems lost
    I'll praise You
    Even when it hurts like hell
    I'll praise You

    Even When It Hurts - Hillsong #TheMighty #MightyTogether #scared #Worried #Concerned #Heartbroken #Fear #Crying #FearOfAbandonment #trigger #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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    No worker shows up. No message or phone call.I know the lady said, Every other friday someone would be coming. Then in April it goes back to normal. It's just annoying when you look forward to something and count on a person. This is a services for me, they are paid to do this. I understand people may get sick or something happens. Just calling and letting a person know. Whatever #TheMighty #MightyTogether #MentalHealth

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    Good morning, have a blessed day.


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    ☆.¸.☆☆💛💜.••💐 & Joyful Laughter & Love 💛💜.••💐#TheMighty #MightyTogether #MentalHealth #Friday

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