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Hiatal Hernia #hernia #HiatalHernia #illness

Anyone here able to help me regarding my hiatal hernia diagnosis. What steps should I take? Best medications? Is surgery helpful? #HiatalHerniaRepair #hiatushernia



My partner has been diagnosed with a hernia he is 52 years old about 5years ago he had a heart attack he has type 2 diabetes and asthma I've been trying to help him through everything but I'm not all that sure about his hernia I don't know much about them hes quite a big guy but he's got the big heart to match last time he was weighed he was 16st don't get me wrong I love him for who he is don't care how much he weighs but I'm sure he should have to lose some of that to help not sure. But I'm really quite sure that he shouldn't be eating what he eats all the time meat pies cheese and bean melts garlic bread 4 rounds of bread crisps cheese stuff like that if anyone can help with advice I would be more than grateful thankyou in advance a very worried fiancee

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Hernia Surgical mesh *ADVICE AND HELP needed ❤ , #hernia #HiatalHerniaRepair

Surgical mesh *ADVICE AND HELP needed ❤ , I am am in constant pain and I am not sure if my pain is normal for this type of surgery..... I had an Emergency surgery repair of a strangulated umbilical hernia with retraction of necrotic intestine. Using surgical mesh. The size of the mesh used to repair the hernia was l15cm wide and 25cm in length. The date was in 2015 and I was 27 years old.
Since the operation my quality of life is very difficult due to the pain. Every day I have pain due to the mesh pulling. I have been trying to find out more about this surgical procedure.... But in South Africa it is very rarely done especially for my age and the size of the mesh used. Please help ✝

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#mesh surgical repair complications

If you have had surgical repair of

#hernia #PelvicOrganProlapse #Prolapse #sui #Incontinence #UrinaryIncontinence #BladderIncontinence

months, or years ago.. and you haven’t been well, it may be related to the #medicaldevice #implant #mesh #tape #sling #Patch #tvt #tvto that was used.

Complications include:


Describe your pain #TheMighty #ChronicPain #hernia #mesh #DE

Show this to a doctor and ask for the comments.

An abscess or toothache can make you suffer,
But chronic pain? its like no other,
The tooth you can pull, to cure your pain,
But our pains hit you, again and again,
How to describe, what we suffer daily,
We can’t its impossible, so please don’t ask me,
On the outside we look like, normal people,
But on the inside, we are burning, like molten treacle,
A forest fire, burns within,
Symptoms so varied, they won’t give in,
This I’m afraid, is our daily struggle,
It affects your brain, and makes you, all muddled,
To explain what we are feeling, is impossible,
Its different each day, severe and terrible,
If you don’t suffer, with pain like we do,
You won’t understand, what we are going through,
Not that we want you, to be as we are,
Wishing pain on another, is taking it too far,
Image, the worst pain, you’ve had in your life,
Then combine it, with someone, stabbing you, with a hot knife,
Our pains are relentless, a constant companion,
Description impossible, there is no comparison. #Poetry #ChronicPain #Depression #hernia