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Things that make me happy

A lot has happened the past couple of weeks causing on and off funk moods. Today is one of those days that I need to reflect on the things that help me feel better so I can get out of my funk.
Things that make me happy:
-thunderstorms and watching the lightning
-dancing in a warm rain
-listening and singing along to music that fits my mood
-dancing, feeling my body move to the beat and melody, letting it take over
-being goofy with my kids
-watching my kids be creative with drawing and building
-swimming with my kids at the beach and watching them have fun
-walking on the trail when the moon is full
-feeling a warm summer breeze caress my skin
-getting a new tattoo
-seeing my body shape up from my hard work
-spending time with people I care about
-feeling the presence of my dom and the feel of him placing a collar and cuffs on me
-being wrapped up in the arms of the person I love and feeling loved, after an intense session
-crossing things off my to-do list
-being creative and making things
-my youngest talking more and learning to express himself better
-eating lots of chocolate
-fireflies dancing in the twilight
After the threats from my ex, his mind games playing on my insecurities, I'm over indulging in chocolate and icecream and took a med to help me sleep. He's hurt me enough. Tomorrow i will focus on exercise and focus on my kids until work.
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Hope #Depression #mindgames


My mind is collecting evidence in support of a verdict

that is longer accurate. It doesn’t matter if the the hurt is from long ago with completely different circumstances and people and a different me, my mind is untrustworthy because I know I’m ok, but my brain doesn’t let me be ok. #CheckInWithMe #Anxiety #mindgames