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Adult ADD symptoms #AdultDiagnosis #AdultADHD

I’ve been diagnosed when I was 21. But I know I’ve had add since I was a child. When I was diagnosed, I was told not to worry. That the symptoms are no different then in children.
But i find that a huge misinformation. Symptoms for adults, yes are similar to those of children, but there are a huge variety of other symptoms. And no one tells you that. I talked to other people that got diagnosed as an adult, and most agree with me, that as an adult you’re misinformed and not told the whole truth.
No one told me about the fatigue, that can last days or even weeks. The lack of motivation to do anything. The frazzled mind that sometimes ruins days, dates, plans.
But the biggest issue that no doctor will tell you, is the stigma, the dirty looks, the jokes, the overall opinion people form about you just because of this diagnose.
I always wondered if I’m alone in my opinion. Does anyone else feel this way, or has been treated differently. Did your doctor inform you about all that or not? #ADHD #misinformation #AttentiondeficitDisorder


The Cure for Depression (circa 1983)

I was watching a Watch Mojo video on unsuccessful spinoffs to successful shows, with one of them being AfterMash. In part of the clip, a character has a gun to his head, threatening to shoot himself. The former Colonel Potter tells him "Do it then. Go ahead. Pull the trigger."

I thought about how many times that same logic permeated other TV shows and movies from the 70s and 80s. That kind of negligent pseudo-psychological writing must have influenced a generation of viewers (while at the same time, exhibiting the previous generation's attitudes toward suicide and depression.)

No wonder my own family thinks that I can control how I react when I'm at my lowest points. I wonder how they would react if the character in AfterMash had done exactly what Sherman Potter instructed. #Depression #SuicideAwareness #misinformation