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Step One: Get an ADHD diagnosis... #AdultADHD #ADHD

Tomorrow, March 24th 2021 at 11 a.m., I begin my assessment with a psychiatrist to determine whether or not I have attention deficit disorder (ADHD is what it's called these days).

I was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder at 6 years old in the 90s, but my mother never followed up with this (and many other things I was diagnosed with). I spent years knowing that something was wrong but not being able to understand or articulate well what it was that was wrong with me.

Now I'm 31 years old. I found some old papers, given to me by accident actually, and all of this information fell in my lap that now I couldn't ignore. I decided to take the leap: go for medication. I knew that I've been struggling to function. I knew that I felt like I was heading towards "burn out" and I knew that this wasn't my first time coming to this.

I have been educating myself about ADHD since I knew this day was coming and trying to piece together whether I thought I truly have this condition or something else...and I truly believe that I am going down the right path.

So now.... I have the opportunity to actually deal with this. I know that this is the first step of many.... to be fair, I don't know if ADHD medication will help me, but I can imagine that it wouldn't hurt to try - especially after all this time. Just start somewhere here....

I just hope to be validated and heard. I have been given a heads up to kind of know what to expect from a psychiatrist. From what I read about her, I just hope that she will be able to at least show me compassion by hearing me out.

I have been invalidated for most of my life. I have been told over and over to "get myself together" to find that I literally didn't have the strength or the "know-how" to do it on my own. Now, with the notes from a pediatric neurologist.... I know that I wasn't off to recognise that my challenges are real and they were diagnosed even though I didn't know it was typed out on paper.

Here's to taking my first step. #medications #ADHD #Adderall #AttentiondeficithyperactivityDisorder #Neurodiversity #NeurodevelopmentalDisorders #neuromotordisorder #neurodiverse #AttentiondeficitDisorder



I feel like I'm perhaps far too introspective when it comes to myself, my brain can't seem to stop analyzing why I do certain things when I make mistakes, or what my response to something should be, or should have been, etc. In some ways this is good, I take note of what could be behind my mistakes. Was it childhood influences? Anxieties? Misjudging my own feelings?
However while this can help, it also plays a part in making it so hard to rest properly, and to concentrate on other things. Anyone else relate and have any helpful suggestions? I'd appreciate it! #INFP #AttentiondeficitDisorder

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A New Diagnosis and Treatment Journey

Earlier this week I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and this diagnosis has made me feel a lot of things, good and bad.

Good - because I can put a name to things I've struggled with for so long and I am (hopefully) on the right path for giving myself the support I need.

Bad - because I feel overwhelmed by this diagnosis, because I started medication today (which I've personally struggle with being OK with for any reason, even my medicine that helps to keep my body functioning), and because there is so many unknowns in my future of how this journey will unfold.

I feel a bit like this makeup look I did a few weeks ago. I'm still processing or rendering what this journey and the future hold for me.

I'd love to connect with other folks who have been diagnosed with ADD as an adult because so much of what I can learn is focused on children and teens.

I hope some other Mighties can relate to how I'm feeling right now and I could definitely use a bit of encouragement :)

#ADHD   #AttentiondeficitDisorder #Makeup   #MentalHealth   #CheckInWithMe

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Light therapy holiday style.

Did a little retail therapy. I just couldn’t say no to myself. My inner child kept saying “Can we do it?” Well I gave in and said yes. Totally didn’t realize it needed batteries when I got home. But before my follow up appointment I went and bought batteries before I forgot again. #AttentiondeficitDisorder #Cheermeup


Adult ADD symptoms #AdultDiagnosis #AdultADHD

I’ve been diagnosed when I was 21. But I know I’ve had add since I was a child. When I was diagnosed, I was told not to worry. That the symptoms are no different then in children.
But i find that a huge misinformation. Symptoms for adults, yes are similar to those of children, but there are a huge variety of other symptoms. And no one tells you that. I talked to other people that got diagnosed as an adult, and most agree with me, that as an adult you’re misinformed and not told the whole truth.
No one told me about the fatigue, that can last days or even weeks. The lack of motivation to do anything. The frazzled mind that sometimes ruins days, dates, plans.
But the biggest issue that no doctor will tell you, is the stigma, the dirty looks, the jokes, the overall opinion people form about you just because of this diagnose.
I always wondered if I’m alone in my opinion. Does anyone else feel this way, or has been treated differently. Did your doctor inform you about all that or not? #ADHD #misinformation #AttentiondeficitDisorder


Lately I have been wondering if I have chronic fatigue or not. I haven't been to a doctor because I'm afraid. How did you know it was time so ask Dr?

#ChronicFatigue #MajorDepressiveDisorder


Does anyone else experience this? #AttentiondeficitDisorder #Anxiety

Not sure if this is a bad day thing or anxiety thing or just an ADD thing - but lately when someone interrupts me with a question - I feel nothing but rage. No matter how simple or complex the question. Regardless of who asks the question.

Curious who might relate to this...or not


Could it be possible to be diagnoaised with #AttentiondeficitDisorder and #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder ?? I talked to a new psychiatrist today and he’s pretty sure I have ADD. But still too much adds up to BPD. Everything I look up about it describes me to a T. The only thing is I have been able to keep a steady job since 2015 so I think that’s why they don’t think I have it. I think I do have ADD. I have been diagnoised in the past with #Bipolar1Disorder and I have had depressive episodes and I have had times where I have been able to function off less sleep (couple hours compared to usually needing 8 hours to not feel exhausted) and I have had manic days but not times where I have stayed up for 24-36+ hours. I’m just lost at what to think. #Anxiety #Depression



When you deal with #Anxiety and #AttentiondeficitDisorder your life can be an amusement park ride. Ups and downs with twists and turns.  I work at a grocery store that sells all kinds of things.  This last weekend was busy with the holiday.  I did my best and kept hydrated when I could.  Pacing myself was a different thing to work on.  I just do my best and keep plugging along.


My husband has #ADD how can I help him

He had it when he was younger and was on Riddilin but stoped taking them in highschool because he didn't like the taste.

I'll be honest, I haven't done a lot of research on this topic so I'm coming to my mighty family for some guidance.

Right now we are trying to do stuff that should have been figured out days ago and we are doing things at the last minute(this is a regular occurrence). Then he gets really frustrated and takes it out on me. My anxiety sky rockets and I leave the room because I can't handle the tone in his's not yelling or swearing it's this disappointing tone that triggers me so bad and I take on that emotion and feel so it's all my fault he's frustrated.

Can you help me with how your ADD affects you and tool you use, or wish your partner would do to help you.