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My morning cocktail

This is my morning cocktail for my Lyme treatment. In all honesty, none of these pills cure or help my #LymeDisease , they are actually targeting my co infections #Babesia #Bartonella #morgellonsdisease we have to knock out the co infections in order to attack the BIG CAHUNA #lyme i will be starting mepron soon as well. Adding that to the mix! It stains your mouth yellow. GREAT! Haha. Lyme wont kill my vibe. Not today.

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Emergency Action Required by Canadian Government & Minister

If I was the Minister of Health of Canada I would immediately:
Assign an emergency team to verify the peer-reviewed scientific evidence & reports that prove Morgellons disease is a true physiological disease, rather than a psychiatric delusional disorder.
Upon investigating and validating the peer-reviewed scientific reports which prove Morgellons disease is a true physiological disease caused by Lyme disease bacteria:
Launch a Public Inquiry and place it on urgent status priority.
Launch a formal criminal investigation. Who are the injured parties? Find all Morgellons disease patients/victims in Canada and take their formal statements of how they have been harmed, collecting all available evidence and personal testimonies. Find all of those responsible for the harm caused unto these victims, charge them with the criminal offences they have committed and prosecute them to the maximum extent of the law in a formal court of law. Reparations to the victims.
Launch a formal human rights investigation. Who had their human rights violated? Find all Morgellons disease patients/victims in Canada and take their formal statements of how their human rights have been violated. Find all of those responsible for these human rights violations and prosecute them accordingly. Reparations to the victims.
Have Workers Compensation Board validate Morgellons disease as a true occupational disease associated with Occupational Lyme Disease. Have federal and provincial disability distinctions established for Morgellons disease patients and compensatory modalities put in place.
Launch a nation-wide publicity campaign informing the Canadian public and all health care professionals of the disease, the tragedy ever since 2002 where Morgellons disease patients have been abused and how it is a true physiological disease related to Lyme diaease involving skin fibrosis with very slow to heal skin lesions, the unusual growth of coloured fibers in human skin and tremendous human suffering, pain, agony and humiliation - and a dedicated website and 24 hour hotline for more information and access to emergency health care services.
Conduct scientific medical trials to explore the best possible medical treatments, diagnostic testing protocols - discover a cure. Communicate with other countries in order to make faster progress.
Offer mental health treatment services and suicide counselling services to the Morgellons disease patients who are still alive who reuire them.
The above 8 points would be a good place to start if the Minister of Healrh of Canada were to make a genuine effort to end the ongoing unnecessary suicides of Morgellons disease patients/victims and end the diacrimination against them so as to begin to remedy this disasterous Canadian public health emergency.
Oh, and a genuine acknowledgement of all the Morgellons disease patients/victims who killed themselves because of the unnecessary abuses, crimes & human rights vio



I have suffered with Morgellons disease for almost 10 years now. I feel for you because I have had the quintessential experience of the Morgellons patient including being drugged against my will with strong antipsychotic pharmaceutical drugs when I was innocently seeking a diagnosis and treatment for a serious skin disorder (a multi-system disorder caused by Lyme disease in fact). Please don't ever give up. The discrimination against all Morgellons disease patients will end one day. Visit the Charles E. Holman Morgellons website for more information - and their facebook page. Any quesrions? Can I perhaps help?


does anyone have Morgellons Disease? my mom has it, and we'd like to talk to others who have it as well. #morgellonsdisease #morgellons #RareDisease