hi second post. thought I’d say a bit more about myself. this is both me and my sister’s account. I am Addison. My parents have been divorced for half my life. I have 3 step siblings and we did get along fine but now they ignore me which makes me feel alone. you may notice that I mention lonilness a lot. I know... this is only my second post but I am also going to be mentioning loneliness a lot because that is my number one feeling that I am convinced will always be their, alone. that is probably why a friend suggested this. and you may or may not have noticed that I have been posting at late hours. that is because, one, I have less time for this during the day, and two, I am sleep deprived. I also love words. metaphors and similes are my friends. I think they really help explain and clear up things. I type a lot when posting or commenting, unless I don’t feel like it. soon here I will probably be posting poems. I have a passion for writing and I express myself through it a lot. some of my favorite things are cats, books, journals, the color green, trees, nature, birds and water and anything to do with nature, music (music is my happy pills), and Auras. I am also a Harry Potter nerd that loves science! I have anxiety and OCD. I am positive I am depressed but it is not officiall yet. I am also certain I have thought disorder, schizophrenia, and sensory. I am getting tested for all this in February and I am a little nervous. if anyone can tell me what to expect, that would be greatly appreciated. If I end up not having any of that, then I must have Hypochondria. (if you don’t know what that means looks it up, In my opinion I think it is awkwardly funny that I might have this). Now, anyone notices something terribly wrong about my post please tell me. I am always afraid that something comes out wrong. but this is probably just my OCD and anxiety talking. I hate myself, am very insecure. I am self conscious. I have thoughts. bad thoughts. and I skratch, bite, hit/punch myself and hit my head on the wall or with something hard and I am pretty sure that is self harm. If I am wrong please let me know. and finally, thank you for reading through this pain of a post and helping out! hopefully. or not whatever suites you. 👍. Please let me know something about you in the comments. I am so scared to post this I have been sweating while I was typing. but whatever I’m sending it! 🥴😑😬🙃 #Awkward #Anxiety #mostthingsyouneedtoknowaboutme #wowevenmyhashtagsarelong