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So there's this guy I have a major crush on. So, I texted him and waiting for a reply and I am scared. Any tips for non-awkward things to say?#crush #Love #Awkward


How does this work? Feels like my 1st day at school or something #Awkward #lost

Ok I'm hoping this is the right place to come to, I'm not sure what's allowed to be shared where & who with? I'm just basically at the end of my rope and looking for people who can relate, or at least not judge too harshly for my condition. Um yeah ok get in touch if you'd like. Messed up as I am I still want to help others who might feel this way #PayItForward


Help with socially anxious friend. #Anxiety #social #akward

A good friend of mine suffers from bad social anxiety. Every time I ask her to hang out, she gets super awkward and ignores me for a while out of embarrassment for the way she responded. I’ve always just given her time to come around and start talking again, but I feel like I need to address this with her since this has become a pattern and I feel horrible about how bad she feels about herself. What is a guy to do to help get her through these awkward phases? #Anxiety #Depression #Awkward #seekinghelp

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Awkward Stalker

I'm still new here and I feel weird because it's like everyone here just became friends. Like, you guys are my friends you just don't know it yet. Even though I think that's funny it makes me feel like I'm kind of an awkward stalker. And I have to remind myself that I shouldn't be so open and trusting.... that's what gets me in trouble. I don't know what to. I like getting on here and feel comforted, supported, and free of the judgements I've become accustomed to... but are you guys really a community I am ok in? Am I really accepted here? How do I know I shouldn't just be quiet and observe? Maybe I should do that but then I'm robbing myself of the relief I get from talking to people. Damn. This is so hard. I really don't know what to do. #PTSD #TraumaticBrainInjury #dissociativeamnesia #Depression #Awkward #whoamIanyway

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I feel sad that my psychiatrist haven’t reply my email.

Yes I know this sounds weird, creepy, spoilt, entitled and whatever you call it. I’m judging myself and eye-rolling at myself too for feeling this. But I do feel sad. The sad feeling is real, at least to me. It has been slightly more than a week since I last saw my psychiatrist, and three days since I sent him the email. Yes, I think I am missing him. And I feel like such a weirdo for feeling this yucky attachment thingy. I feel so mad at myself. I don’t know what else to say about this... Sigh! 😞😞😞
#Anxiety #Depression #attachment #Delusion #Obsession #SocialAnxietyDisorder #SocialAnxiety #Awkward #SelfJudging

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I have a crush on my psychiatrist?! #Transference

It used to be for fun that I use my psychiatrist photo as my phone’s wallpaper and joked with my friends that he is my latest crush because he is physically attractive to me. Yup this is slightly childish I know, pardon me, I have not been in a relationship before and I have comments from people saying that I am actually rather childish. But I realise I have been thinking about him, looking forward to see him and talk to him, of course those were my medical appointments. I actually feel sad at the thought that I am just his patient, and I feel upset at the thought that he has a life outside the clinic where he see me. Yes I know, I am judging myself as well for these thoughts. I googled and thought this sound like #Transference where many others experience with their therapist. For my case, the person is my psychiatrist. I feel like I should share this in the journal that he will be reading, maybe this might be helpful for my treatment. But at the same time, the thought of letting him know about this is like so scary. What if our sessions turn awkward? I’m afraid I will mess up the whole thing. Am I having some attachment issues? I feel like such a weirdo to discuss this. Should I let him know? I am slightly worried he would need to reveal this to others when he need to discuss my case with his team, like how others will view me...
#AnxietyDisorders #Psychiatrist #Transference #Attachments #Awkward #GAD


A Little More About Me, Teeter A (warning: a long one)

hi second post. thought I’d say a bit more about myself. this is both me and my sister’s account. I am Addison. My parents have been divorced for half my life. I have 3 step siblings and we did get along fine but now they ignore me which makes me feel alone. you may notice that I mention lonilness a lot. I know... this is only my second post but I am also going to be mentioning loneliness a lot because that is my number one feeling that I am convinced will always be their, alone. that is probably why a friend suggested this. and you may or may not have noticed that I have been posting at late hours. that is because, one, I have less time for this during the day, and two, I am sleep deprived. I also love words. metaphors and similes are my friends. I think they really help explain and clear up things. I type a lot when posting or commenting, unless I don’t feel like it. soon here I will probably be posting poems. I have a passion for writing and I express myself through it a lot. some of my favorite things are cats, books, journals, the color green, trees, nature, birds and water and anything to do with nature, music (music is my happy pills), and Auras. I am also a Harry Potter nerd that loves science! I have anxiety and OCD. I am positive I am depressed but it is not officiall yet. I am also certain I have thought disorder, schizophrenia, and sensory. I am getting tested for all this in February and I am a little nervous. if anyone can tell me what to expect, that would be greatly appreciated. If I end up not having any of that, then I must have Hypochondria. (if you don’t know what that means looks it up, In my opinion I think it is awkwardly funny that I might have this). Now, anyone notices something terribly wrong about my post please tell me. I am always afraid that something comes out wrong. but this is probably just my OCD and anxiety talking. I hate myself, am very insecure. I am self conscious. I have thoughts. bad thoughts. and I skratch, bite, hit/punch myself and hit my head on the wall or with something hard and I am pretty sure that is self harm. If I am wrong please let me know. and finally, thank you for reading through this pain of a post and helping out! hopefully. or not whatever suites you. 👍. Please let me know something about you in the comments. I am so scared to post this I have been sweating while I was typing. but whatever I’m sending it! 🥴😑😬🙃 #Awkward #Anxiety #mostthingsyouneedtoknowaboutme #wowevenmyhashtagsarelong


Social faux pas and the aftermath #Awkward #impulsive #

So I sometimes say the wrong thing to people. I normally beat myself up and obsess over it. Yesterday I didn't, though, so I'm getting better. In our meeting yesterday for peer support volunteers, I noticed that the woman sitting next to me had things floating in her water bottle, and I said so, in front of other people. At break she asked to talk to me out in the hall and told me that made her uncomfortable. I just apologized and asked what she wanted me to do. She just said be careful about making comments like that and that she wasn't mad.

I'm proud of myself that I didn't get defensive or use my autism and ADD as an excuse. I was able to let it go and not apologizing repeatedly just to try to make myself feel better. I think I will say inappropriate things in the future, because though I try, I sometimes have no filter. Getting an autism diagnosis helps me feel less guilty when it does happen. #Autism #ADHD


Fitting In #Awkward #Loneliness #MentalHealth

It was a longtime ago I realized I didn’t really fit into what mainstream life had to offer, and that has commonly been my biggest source of pain, besides processing childhood trauma.

Sometimes I think I’m really lucky to not fit into all the bs in life, but it also brings a level of regular sadness and loneliness, and the core feeling that I’m not good enough. But the truth is, I am good enough, better than good enough; I matter, even if I don’t fit in.

There is a lot of things in life I don’t understand, and I’ve stopped trying to understand them. At age 45 I am settling into the fact that it’s ok I have very few friends, and spend a lot of time alone. I think it’s part of the warrior path, and I accept that as a gift, despite the intermittent pain it can bring.

Lately I have been trying to be totally ok with a semi social life, filling it more with animals, solitude, lots of rest, and I’m looking into some light volunteering. It’s ok in different; it think it is actually cool. I seek my tribe, and found many here.

I hope everyone can find value in themselves, even when it doesn’t align with life reflections of our great personalities and contributions to raising the vibe on this planet. And anyone who is struggling, we are here for you. It will be me again, but just not today. Have a great day everyone 💜💜💜