Hi there all my people!! It s been a while since I’ve posted. For some reason I couldn’t get The ap to download! So how s everyone doing? I’m hopi g you all are having a better time of things and you’re all looking forward to fall! The colors the crisp air the fact we can wear our favorite sweaters! So for me…. Tomorrow is my first visit with a new Endochronologist…. Haven’t had one in a while (other dr s of mine have been dealing with the adrenal issues) so I’m a little worked up a little nervous but hey!! I’m a big girl ! I got this!! I do t know about you all but I’ve not “asked” husband to go with me to any dr s appts in forever….. he s too busy with work, his mother etc . How many of you get the feeling if they (your spouse or significant others) go with you to dr s appts they “use” the info against you at a later date? I’m not sure if I’m justified in feeling that way but I do sometimes….. I take very good notes while I’m at the dr s (which I suggest you all do!) so I just look back on those notes if I’ve forgotten something. So anyways…. Just wanted to say Sorry for not being on here lately….. and say HELLO!! I hope the rest of your Sunday is as perfect as it gets and that you all are feeling good today!! Hugs to all of you! And Thank you for being here for me to rant to, vent to, bounce things off of and just simply for being kind humans!!!