I deal with depression, anxiety and being highly sensitive. Sometimes I find it so hard to figure out which is the biggest culprit of my current mood.

I feel like right now it's the highly sensitive part because I am in a relationship with a very negative and self centered man. He used to be great at listening to me and trying to understand me. After 22 months together, and being in couples councelling because of his lack of self control when it comes to needing women's attention, he's just stopped even trying to understand me even when I flat out explain to him what my issue is. I literally clearly e plain what I'm emotional about and he immediately says he doesn't know why I'm emotional. In councelling, it's all about HIS problems and he says I am not letting him talk when I try to explain MY feelings. I'm so frustrated in my relationship. I'm to the point where I'm seriously questioning if I can marry him and do this for the rest of my life. 90% of the time when he opens his mouth, negativity comes out. There are times when I have to ask him to stop b*itching because its affecting my mood.

These days I am so much more easily taking on other people's emotions.
my highly sensitive piece is EXTREMELY strong right now and its driving me crazy. I am not liking this side of me. I can't deal with anything anymore.
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