on my third appointment with my new dr this Tuesday, I had one of my many heart episodes. I was Not having a good day before I got there. My head was bursting, blood pressure & sugar readings were out of bounds high, dealing with a fib and ketoacidosis. Praying to God I’m near the end of another Lyme flare, dealing with the fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy pain, rheumatoid, degenerative disc disease & the other ‘itis’s’ & endless health and personal issues...& landed in the hospital. My only dependable trustworthy friend was with me through it all. She’s stuck by me all these years, not children, drs, family or so called friends. How comforting & thankful to have this site❣️To know that there are so many people experiencing the same issues as I do, makes me so sad but grateful they’re willing to share their stories , has made me feel so blessed to have understanding and empathy. The hope, cheer, memes, even tears and fears, sense of dread of the future...vocalized on this site from the ‘broken hearts & lives’... Sounds crazy ironic, but gives me a sense of peace. NOT because others are in physical pain & hardships because our bodies have betrayed & turned against us & our way of life & entire world have been turned inside out!! It’s very hard to put into words! When I’m overwhelmed by my circumstances (in body & spirit) and am ready to hang it all up and be done with it all...#PeaceInThePain #the MightyBStrong#NeverGiveUp
#WeekendFeels #godblessuseveryone ♥️