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When Intuition Overcomes Anxiety #faithoverfear #intuition #AnxietyDisorders #PeaceInThePain

'Intuition Overcoming Anxiety'. To some it may seem like a concept that is easy to grasp. But to others, including me, maybe not so much. If any of you are unfamiliar with what intuition is (and there is nothing wrong with that), I invite you to look it up as it may help make sense of what I am getting at. Being able to trust and act on your own intuition is not always an easy feat.

If you are part of this community on 'The Mighty', odds are that you have at least some familiarity with Anxiety. Now, you likely also are aware (if you aren't, I invite you to look into it) that 'anxiety' is one thing, an 'Anxiety Disorder' is a whole different ballgame. And it gets even more complicated from there (as in the the individual disorders, the degrees of each, and the individual's own experience of it.

Now, back to the idea of 'Intuition Overcoming Anxiety'. I myself only have my own experience to base what I am about to say on, but I know it is possible, because it happened to me. And I mean, it happened in a situation where even now, I'm not even sure I fully comprehend how, given the physical, mental, and emotional state I was in, I was even able to tune in to my intuition act on it. I do have my own spirituality that I accredit but ultimately, the decisions I made, and the results thereof, showed how my intuition overcame my anxiety.

So, my question for you all is, have you had experiences where your Intuition has Overcome your Anxiety? You are in no way expected to share your story if you don't want to. But feel free to share in the comments if you'd like! Thanks!

#Anxiety #physicalanxiety #fightorflight #believeinyourself #strengthwithin #MightyTogether


Just Wondering

Just Wondering (OOB - 2020)

Would God tell me?
Will He just answer me one question?
Will that be all I get?
Will His answer satisfy me?
Will I finally understand the depth of His thought?
Will I agree or argue, or will I be made whole?

I have listened to the knowledge of men.
I have watched the wisdom of the living up close and from afar.
I have reasoned with the mighty and walked with the wise.
Still their wisdom is un-attaining and their knowledge unfulfilling.
I have listened to the rationalization out of a purported experience
I have struggled at the depth of the understanding of mortals

I am yet to be convinced and maybe never will.
My soul seeks a better plain.
I yearn for a day when my heart’s desire will be fulfilled.
For a day when He finally tells me why.

Why does He do what He does?
Why does He humble one and lift the other?
Why will He call one home and let the other be?
Why would He not allow the joy of the fruit of labor?
Why was He not on the left side, “where He doth work”?
Why do we suffer for no reason?
Why does He seem afar off when you need Him the most?
Why did He take the one you loved the most?
Why did life’s journey feel blurry?
Why does He allow the Weak to be swallowed by the Strong?

I could come up with answers, but I will not be satisfied.
I could imagine His ways, but it will be a waste of time.
I could try to reason my way out, but it will not do me any good.
I can search and learn the depths of Knowledge.
I may conquer the wells of Wisdom, but
Understanding His ways gives peace to the Soul when
God answers the whys of life’s journey.

#ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #Depression #PanicDisorder #DrivingAnxiety #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #Christian #Christianity #GodInTheMidstOfSuffering #PeaceInThePain

I am not good at posting on this site but I have been extremely overwhelmed lately. God has helped me keep the little faith I have left even if just hanging by a thread.


Little Things (RAIN)

I have just finished my sophomore year of college today. A few minutes ago I heard rain and opened the door to look. It was pouring down but it looked so beautiful. My brother said “I want to go out there.” I told him to go. I went with him. He ran around in the puddles, I stood there in silence doing my deep breathing! It was beautiful ! Thankful for simple reminders of Gods power and grace ! It was only a few moments but it meant everything after a stressful and unconventional school year! #littlethings #Nature #Spirituality #BipolarDisorder #EatingDisorders #PanicAttack #siblingstories
#GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #PeaceInThePain


Feeling a Little Better

Today my heart feels more open, and I feel more myself. I am so grateful for that! I felt it in small moments through the week but none of them lasted, it always fell back into panic. But I think someone somewhere must have prayed for me today. Because I feel at peace inside me. I feel like I can rest today. Thank the Lord. I want to share that energy with everyone here, and I pray for you, that you can find your peace, that you can allow yourself to rest and feel love. May you be blessed always.

#prayersforyou #angelsworking #PeaceInThePain #notalone #connectiontospirit #blessings #letitbe #Godislove #youareloved

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One of the simplest things I tell myself, every day as I have to brace myself mentally for something like a new challenge- and my bff also tells me in her native language when she knows I’m about to freak out. Breathe. May take a couple times to take effect, but it works.

This deep breath not only forces my mind to take a step back and get some self control while I gather my thoughts, but it relaxes my muscles as they begin to feel the pressure or contractions. Or tingles, or pins- anywhere from my feet, my hands, legs, thighs, forearms, back, even glutes. Just by telling myself “Breathe”, it’s like mentally grabbing a helping hand from myself to get through a moment before a comes a flare, or even a flare while it’s happening.

It’s more effective and calming than saying or being told to “chill”, “shut up” or “calm down.”

We all have to do it anyways. Just breathe. And then keep going. xx

#JustBreathe #Mindfulness #PeaceInThePain #Healing #PainManagement #Awareness


The Mighty-#mylifeline #aloneinlife

on my third appointment with my new dr this Tuesday, I had one of my many heart episodes. I was Not having a good day before I got there. My head was bursting, blood pressure & sugar readings were out of bounds high, dealing with a fib and ketoacidosis. Praying to God I’m near the end of another Lyme flare, dealing with the fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy pain, rheumatoid, degenerative disc disease & the other ‘itis’s’ & endless health and personal issues...& landed in the hospital. My only dependable trustworthy friend was with me through it all. She’s stuck by me all these years, not children, drs, family or so called friends. How comforting & thankful to have this site❣️To know that there are so many people experiencing the same issues as I do, makes me so sad but grateful they’re willing to share their stories , has made me feel so blessed to have understanding and empathy. The hope, cheer, memes, even tears and fears, sense of dread of the future...vocalized on this site from the ‘broken hearts & lives’... Sounds crazy ironic, but gives me a sense of peace. NOT because others are in physical pain & hardships because our bodies have betrayed & turned against us & our way of life & entire world have been turned inside out!! It’s very hard to put into words! When I’m overwhelmed by my circumstances (in body & spirit) and am ready to hang it all up and be done with it all...#PeaceInThePain #the MightyBStrong#NeverGiveUp
#WeekendFeels #godblessuseveryone ♥️