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    Brain fog #the pain game #hypermobileehlers-DanlosSyndrome(hEDS)

    I titled this brain fog because I can't think of a title. My lower back and right hip is constantly hurting and worse when I move. When I hurt like this I can't think very well. I was hurting at about a 6 yesterday and then went to my grandsons wrestling tournament. That took several hours of sitting on bleachers, walking to the bathroom and finally sitting on my walker (which was in the was but didn't care). So that about finished me. Now I'm at a 9. I always look for something good in every situation and it's that e even hurting like I do, I've had worse. I know this will ease up in a day or two.

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    #the starfish story

    # I found this beautiful story

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    When the dragons roar #Bipolar #BPD #Depression

    Hello mighty peeps
    You know that your day was a total mess, when it’s 6PM, and everything you’ve tried to do, has gone T…s up!
    I call #Bipolar , #BPD , #Depression and #ADD that live in my brain, The Dragons.
    Today, they woke up, and #roared like mad!
    It works like this:
    #the dragons spit #fiery insults at #Loved ones… and I am #helpless to stop them. I seem to be saying #Sorry a lot, for stuff I’ve not done. The worst of it for me, is feeling #helpless . Then, for some stupid reason, every single thing I attempt? #Broken ! My computer decided to stop working, the postman left my packages from an expensive online shop in another district, never to be seen again. Post office takes NO blame!?! Then before computer kicked off, I get an email from another online store’ my package was returned, and I must pay more money for a re-delivery??? The postman is on my hitlist. Everything including my voice is gone, my #mind is #roaring with #fury , #Bipolar is having such fun! And I’m about to take a chill pill, or I’m not responsible.
    I hope you all have a fabulous evening

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    Meds n their effects

    Hi everyone, when i read about the meds people are on and the side affects that go with them the following is unequivocally true. # every med has side effects good, bad or indifferent, # these side effects are different depending on the person, #the meds need a certain period of time to settle down, # these meds as any decent mental health practitioner will inform you that the meds prescribed are an educated guess and are not i repeat not a 1 size fits all solution, # if at anytime you are feeling suicidal, wanting to self-harm or harm others or r feeling like you cant function as normal, make appointments to see a mental health practitioner especially your psychiatrist ASAP and if needed go to the ED and ask for an assessment and if possible to take something to settle you.
    These r situations i have faced personally and the solutions that r recommended by mental health practitioners and GPs alike.


    When childhood abuse leaves you mentally ill, & society throws you away.

    The more I work with the mentally ill - abused when children #Bipolar , #BPD , #Depression , and more, as a #councillor and one who has these illnesses too, due to obscene #Childhood trauma, of which I’m on the mend thank goodness.
    I’m no longer surprised at the horrifying abuse my clients have been subjected to when they were children, leaving them with mental illnesses, Rather, I’m sickened, with a deep sense of fury , lost on how utterly cruel, and evil their parents or family members who perpetrated the abuse are.
    The abuse I suffered for years as a small child, leaving me with borderpolar, which I’ve spent years recovering from, I’m no longer angry about, it doesn’t affect me anymore, but I do still have borderpolar
    My years of studying, & working on myself, helped me. I learned that healing comes when we let go, and move forward, and this helps my clients.
    My point is a serious concern, about HOW is its possible, to prioritise things like #black LIVES MATTER, or #fighting CANCER, or #the WAR ON DRUGS etc, which DO matter, and ARE important subjects, needing attention, , but where’s the headlines, the hype, #help , #Care or #concern for children ( now adults) - who've been #brutally abused? And the circumstances have left them #mentally ILL as a result? And who are mostly #Homeless , #addicts to numb the pain. Who society has thrown away?

    It’s not OKAY! The priorities surrounding #mental ILLNESS, don’t exist. Rather, they’re #PUNISHED AGAIN, #vilified , #abused and more,

    It’s overdue, long overdue, to make headlines, hold fundraising events, highlight and educate people on #mental ILLNESS, and DO SOMETHING real to help, , to do your part in the desperately needed love and care, who’ve #suffered HORRENDOUSLY, leaving them sick and thrown away.


    #the Bible Says....

    #a What is the greatest gift from God?

    Christ is God's "indescribable gift" (2 Cor 9:13-15) Jesus is the living bread given from heaven (Jn 6:50-51) Jesus is our living water (Jn 4:10) The gift of God is eternal life through Christ. (Rom 6:23)


    How has the way you were raised impacted who you are now?

    Well, I'm not sure where to begin. Like most of us, I had a very rough childhood..sexual & physical abuse, neglect of every sort, ended up in the foster care system, I've been in psychiatric facilities 5 times since I was 10. The majority of the times I as hospitalized I was 302`d (by adoptive mom) from postpartum psychosis in 2016 twice, once in 2018, and 2019 twice. I don't believe I was born with mental illness. I believe everything I had to endure in my younger years was a formula for development of symptoms coinciding with every single major mental illness..

    As a young kid coming from sexual abuse by a male step figure, and being denied by my bio mom about it, I had quite the emotional dysregulation issues. These grew into anger and defiance, impulsivity, low self-esteem etc.. I was raised by foster parents who eventually adopted me. Side note; I have a great dad out of the deal, but my adoptive mom is also abusive & toxic....As young adult, especially being untreated and a new mom..things were pretty unstable for me & my daughter. I moved around a lot. I stayed with previously estranged bio fam.. not the best kind of people, had the wrong kind of friends, my head wasn't in the right places... FYI.. NEVER abusive to my daughter but looking back I could have been borderline neglectful because of my mental illness (giving her a snack, drink & my phone & going back to sleep in the AM). Very regretful. But in 2019, my money-hungry & disgustingly evil adoptive mother abused me physically and verbally for the last time. I tried to leave, she wouldn't let me, and when I could get out she not only took my items but blocked me from taking my at-the-time 3yr old daughter.....

    Long story short, my world was shattered for over 13 months of my life living separated from my little human. My heart was broken. I made some of the worst decisions of my life at that time...I fell apart. But also through it all, I fought and fought with all I could with my pro-rated county assistance lawyer. My adoptive mom`s argument was proven with my mental health hospital history...I had to kick my ass in high gear.

    I can say from late 2019-currently, I have grew into a much healthier and happier being, by taken my medications and being in blessed with finding my soulmate, my life partner. He is blessed with a great family, and stability..he knows what real love is like.. Something I've never had. He's been able to get me into private therapies, and pushed me back into school! In October 2020, I got Isabella back. All it took was paying my adoptive mom an excessive amount of money, and she left us alone. I was granted full sole custody May 2021 :)

    Sometimes I still see pieces of my broken mothers in my mind, their ideals and parenting styles. But I know I am not them, #the way they were taught. I am so much better than who they became, and I am only halfway there. I'm healing, I'm thriving, I finally can see my future..

    Actually, I am COMPLETELY different


    Caught in between. #the reality of certain methods of healing.

    Hello everyone i haven’t been on the mighty for so long but i realize a topic that i haven’t seen yet maybe there is but haven’t realize but like i said I’m new i just wanted to know if anyone can relate to a situation I’m going through I’m suffering from mental illness for a very long time I’ve been on a lot of medication some don’t work and the one’s that do have so much side effects i also suffer from weight problems and am very insecure about myself i don’t even own a full body mirror in my home because i hate to look at myself and i know for alot of people that’s also a big issue in there life and can also be a tuff subject to talk about so when suffering from insecurities about your image and have to deal also with mental illness and because alot of medication for mental illness causes alot of weight gain so you are left with do i take medication to help me with my mental illness that is hard to live with and gain weight and become more depressed or don’t take the medication to not gain weight but still have to deal with your mental illness so what I’m trying to say is what do you do in a situation like this its like no matter what decision you make there’s no winning .

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    #MightyTogether #the new reality I think I’m finally wrapping my head around this thing is not going away. I’m tired of lying to myself and others saying that I am okay. People want to push me to do things and they don’t understand the pain that I am in. I am angry because I think I was dealing with MS long before my diagnosis and maybe my condition wouldn’t be as bad if was diagnosed earlier and treatment began sooner.