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The greatest story ever told!!!

#the greatest story ever told is the life of Jesus Christ, watching this movie will show us and help us understand his teachings, to live accordingly to his will is to live though him, to live for him, he interred this world as man , and went to the cross as our living God and savior!!! So live and Live though Jesus teachings…. Watch the greatest story ever told!!

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#the power of kindness

I was just reminded of how powerful the so called small acts of kindness can be. A simple smile from a stranger can be the turning point of someone from not taking their life. I have been both encouraged and also encouraged others.

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2nd Shared Inspiration

I know that at times when it seems life feels to extreme my mind starts in with negative self-talk. In which I count my blessings daily so there's no room for negativity. This sticker reminded me that I am NOT that negative junk!
#daily inspirations #mental health and addictions #Recovery warriors #Rape sexual assault survivors #mental health memes #the bendy bunch

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Guilt of picking my POA #the PERSON U TRUST THE MOST

Im having all my documents made up, naming my only child, a son, as my POA. I think i might have to get a safety deposit box to keep all these documents hidden and safe. I also have to find a life insurance policy i can afford and keep secret. It will name my son as the beneficiary. When we spoke about it, he wanted to take on the responsibility bc he didn’t want my health in anyones hands. I told him I would tell everyone and smooth things over so that he didn’t have to deal with everyone’s animosity that r going to get stuck in their feelings (I know my life partner will feel some type of way when he finds out I didn’t pick him) but my son told me that he wanted to keep it secret and he would deal with everyone after i pass or am incapacitated. Its always been my son and i. Everytime he and i blink, its seems like the people in our lives change but our constant is each other!!!!! He is the only person I trust 100 percent!
My guilt stems from not picking certain people. And another part of my guilt is that i picked my son concerning the weight of having to make these decisions.
#is this too much to put on one’s offspring?


Thanks For Praying: Keep It Up! Please 😁👍🙏✝️

Oh, thank you all for your prayers and encouraging words you shared. Please keep me in your prayers. I need the Lord to intervene in this situation.

Background info: I obeyed the Lord in an unexpected journey. I have encountered extensive unexpected obstacles that involved many physical setbacks. Powerful ministry opportunities have occurred, but they have been followed by deep forms of persecution. And now, I am on the verge of leaving the area because I was unexpectedly terminated from work, and NO other jobs have opened in such an overt way that I cannot tell if this is a Godsend (to move and shake the dust) or if this is yet another attempt to force me to simply give up, drop out of school, and move on.

Your prayers are appreciated for: #wisdom #Provision #the Lord’s #mighty #Will to be done! Thank you!

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Brain fog #the pain game #hypermobileehlers-DanlosSyndrome(hEDS)

I titled this brain fog because I can't think of a title. My lower back and right hip is constantly hurting and worse when I move. When I hurt like this I can't think very well. I was hurting at about a 6 yesterday and then went to my grandsons wrestling tournament. That took several hours of sitting on bleachers, walking to the bathroom and finally sitting on my walker (which was in the was but didn't care). So that about finished me. Now I'm at a 9. I always look for something good in every situation and it's that e even hurting like I do, I've had worse. I know this will ease up in a day or two.


When the dragons roar #Bipolar #BPD #Depression

Hello mighty peeps
You know that your day was a total mess, when it’s 6PM, and everything you’ve tried to do, has gone T…s up!
I call #Bipolar , #BPD , #Depression and #ADD that live in my brain, The Dragons.
Today, they woke up, and #roared like mad!
It works like this:
#the dragons spit #fiery insults at #Loved ones… and I am #helpless to stop them. I seem to be saying #Sorry a lot, for stuff I’ve not done. The worst of it for me, is feeling #helpless . Then, for some stupid reason, every single thing I attempt? #Broken ! My computer decided to stop working, the postman left my packages from an expensive online shop in another district, never to be seen again. Post office takes NO blame!?! Then before computer kicked off, I get an email from another online store’ my package was returned, and I must pay more money for a re-delivery??? The postman is on my hitlist. Everything including my voice is gone, my #mind is #roaring with #fury , #Bipolar is having such fun! And I’m about to take a chill pill, or I’m not responsible.
I hope you all have a fabulous evening

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Meds n their effects

Hi everyone, when i read about the meds people are on and the side affects that go with them the following is unequivocally true. # every med has side effects good, bad or indifferent, # these side effects are different depending on the person, #the meds need a certain period of time to settle down, # these meds as any decent mental health practitioner will inform you that the meds prescribed are an educated guess and are not i repeat not a 1 size fits all solution, # if at anytime you are feeling suicidal, wanting to self-harm or harm others or r feeling like you cant function as normal, make appointments to see a mental health practitioner especially your psychiatrist ASAP and if needed go to the ED and ask for an assessment and if possible to take something to settle you.
These r situations i have faced personally and the solutions that r recommended by mental health practitioners and GPs alike.