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National Coming Out Day 2020

National Coming Out Day 2020. I Support 2SLGBTQIA+. I have fmly, frnds & acquaintances in these communities. “No, wE cAn nOt aGrEe tO dIsAgReE.” #Nationalcomingoutday #nationalcomingoutday2020 #2spirit #2slgbt #LGBTQ #LGBTQA #Blacklgbtq #Latinxlgbtq #proudboys



It’s actually National Coming Out Day. For me, I see everyone as equal but not everyone is accepted. When you get older with age, you realize more things about who you are. My character has never changed.
There are two things that many do not know about me. These terms did not really existed or was not relevant until recently. I am Demisexual and Sapiosexual. As a Demisexual, I do not feel sexual attracted to people in the normal way. I can not feel attraction towards people unless I already like their character, personalities, and mind. Sex is not an important part of my life and I can actually do without. Here is where sapiosexual comes into place. You have to have some common sense but also a very interesting mind. I am more selective on whom I speak with and whom I associate myself with. I would rather have a great conversation than sex. Also, having an open mind is major. Being a Demisexual and sapiosexual go hand and hand and is part of my natural makeup as a human being.

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It's #Nationalcomingoutday ...

Today is #Nationalcomingoutday and if you’re a member of the #LGBTQIA community, there’s something we want you to know:

We see you. No matter how you identify, we want you to know you’re safe here. No one should have to live in secrecy. No one should be judged or ridiculed for who they love. If you’re not ready to come out, that’s OK, but if you are planning on coming out today, then we’re right there with you.

You’ve got this and we're so proud of you.



It's National Coming Out Day. Here are a few reminders.

Thinking of everyone who needs support this #Nationalcomingoutday .

If coming out was hard for you, you're not the only one.

If you haven't come out yet, we're here for you.
Who you are is so OK, and we couldn't be prouder of you.