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    New painting

    Since Elvira came out as having a same-sex partner, I thought I'd do this. It's the first digital painting I've done in almost 10 years and with new software, etc. so I'm a bit shaky, but i had fun. Thought I'd share it here since you folx might appreciate it more. Happy Pride! 😁🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ #LGBTQA #Art #ArtTherapy #chronicmigraine #BackPain

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    being #Weird and loving it!!

    Idk why, but I like this picture, lol









    Help Arkansas lgbtq youth

    Hey, I know The chances of you seeing this are really small but I am asking for your help! I go to Rogers highschool in Arkansas and our principal doctor Lewis villines is refusing a beautiful pride spread one of our students made without giving us a reason. We started a petition and I was wondering if you could share it on your accounts and/or sign it. The spread is one page in the yearbook to tell lgbtq students that they are safe and appreciated by the student body, this is especially important to our students because school is the only place a lot of these students feel safe to be themselves. Anyways if you see this thank you for your time and hopefully your help!
    This is the petition:

    #LGBTQA #Youth #School #Arkansas


    Keep going!

    It's been a long year, and we've still got some battles ahead of us
    Take solace in knowing you're not alone, you've got everyone here to support you on your journey onwards
    If you're finding it extra hard at times, feel free to reach out, so long as you keep going! Please
    #LGBTQA #MentalHealth #Support

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    National Coming Out Day 2020

    National Coming Out Day 2020. I Support 2SLGBTQIA+. I have fmly, frnds & acquaintances in these communities. “No, wE cAn nOt aGrEe tO dIsAgReE.” #Nationalcomingoutday #nationalcomingoutday2020 #2spirit #2slgbt #LGBTQ #LGBTQA #Blacklgbtq #Latinxlgbtq #proudboys


    Join me #groupchat

    I'm making a group chat on Snapchat specifically for #LGBTQA people's with #MentalHealth illnesses like #anxiety and #Depression to be able to find support, share memes and vent. Coment below your snapchat


    Group chat?

    I feel like it's important to have people to reach out to and ask for support. I have #Anxiety and #Depression and am part of the #LGBTQA community and I don't really have the space or ability to easily reach out to people or even my family for support. I was thinking of making a #groupchat maybe on Snapchat or something like that
    So that whenever people want to vent or ask for support you can

    Specifically LGBT support and friendship
    Comment down below if you want to be added to a group chat and what it should be on


    I’m agender and pan sexual #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTQA #LGBTQIA

    Ok something has been bothering me. I want to believe in god but so many people say my identity is a sin. I feel I can’t be my true self if god is real but people say he loves everyone no matter what but just because you love someone doesn’t mean you like them and you can hate and love someone at the same time so does god love hate me how can I worship a god who doesn’t accept me for who I am I’m not doing anything wrong


    Polyamory & COVOD-19 #Polyamory #MoodDisorders

    Hello! I was wonder if there are any poly friends with mood disorders/severe depression in this community.

    I've been married to my husband for 9 years, and I've been with my girlfriend for 6 months. I live with my husband, but my girlfriend doesn't live with us.

    With social distancing due to the Coronavirus, I was wondering how everyone in the poly community is coping with their partners who aren't at home with them!

    I think the best way to go about this is to come up with a schedule for us to make sure we check in. Thoughts?



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