#InsideOutChallenge I’ve dealt with personas my entire life. So much so, it’s almost diagnosed as schizophrenia. However, I am in “full” control and in cognitive mind when these personas break through. This is Negan. After my abusive relationship, this persona came barreling in out of nowhere. It was, and is, a shield to protect me from other people. Negan (from The Walking Dead TV Show) is one of the strongest, no bulls**t, confident, cocky, brilliant, and chaotic neutral characters I have ever come across. He has all the strength I only wish I could have. But becoming a female Negan, by cosplaying the part, walking the walk and talking the talk, suddenly I realized: that strength has always been inside of me. I just needed some help in tapping into it.

#PersonalityDisorders #Persona #Negan #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPD #Cosplay