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College and Nuerodivergency: How do you cope? #Neurodiversity #neuro -fatigue #NeuroDiverseSquad #Autism #ADHD

Hi everyone, I’m seeking advice and coping tips. I’m a first year college student at 25. I’m really struggling to handle the stress load. I am Autistic and I hyper focus really bad, and I will over analyze every little thing . I can’t stop taking one assignment and turning into a really over analyzed or over studied task. I take it all to the extreme and don’t accomplish other tasks I need to do. I also panic really bad over tests, and will make myself sick with anxiety thinking about a test I have to do and then mess up bad on the rest because I’m so anxious.

I also don’t have a therapist because my last one did something really bad and traumatic and I had to leave her. So. I don’t have that support either.

How do you all/did you cope with school? Especially those that are autistic or have adhd? How do you function when your brain doesn’t want to?

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(Barely) Adulting Autistic! #NeuroDiverseSquad

Is your Autistic childhood habit of lining things up as you play, organizing toys, and objects reflected in your Autistic Adult self?

I find myself being absurdly accurate and uniform when chopping veggies. (The pic above is simply one example of many!)
I'm so precise when chopping veggies when I'm not trying that if I actually did it intentionally it would look like food from Minecraft. I have to laugh because I have actually been told years ago that the veggies don't all have to be perfect, when I was volunteering, and I notice that other people just cut the veggies and it's odd to me. I like to cook but I like my veggies uniform unless I'm going for a certain aesthetic such as a rustic dish. Even then they are pretty equal in size of not uniform. I'm over sharing... Moving on...

I see this as an adult manifestation of lining my toys up. It's relaxing having a little piece of controlled, organized piece of the world to myself. The Autistic version of a staycation that's deeply needed in even more uncertain times like these. #AutisticAdults #Autism #ADHD #Autistic #Neurodiversity #AutisticRoutine

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This is the first time I've ever heard this term. Neurodivergent. Quick Google search to discover exactly how I feel about my brain! #NeuroDiverseSquad