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    Stemmy Songs ... One of my favorite stem songs. What's yours? #actuallyautistic #ASD #AutisticAdults #neurodivergent

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    What does autistic pride mean to you?

    Saturday, June 18 is Autistic Pride Day and it got me thinking: What does autistic pride mean or look like to you? For me, it looks like giving myself the grace to leave situations that are overstimulating - or using my noise reduction earplugs in public. It's also not being ashamed of stimming in public.

    Let me know what autistic pride looks like for you! I'd love to know.

    #Autism #actuallyautistic #AutisticAdults #neurodivergent #TheNeurodiverseCrowd #CheckInWithMe #AutisticPride

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    Does anyone know who does AUTISM assessments for ADULTS in western NC, or east TN, or southwest VA?

    Hi. I am seriously interested in getting an assessment for ‘Autism,’ or ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’ for Adults. I am over 60, and I don't need it to qualify for any kind of help or benefits at my age. I just need to know, so I can answer a thousand personal questions about myself. It's for my peace of mind, but it also has the advantage of being useful family medical information that I can pass along to my kids and grandkids.

    I have a ton of different diagnoses from as many doctors and therapists from over the course of my life. So many of these diagnoses have some of the same symptoms, and so many of the diagnoses seem to battle with others for ‘dominance’, that I don't know what to believe anymore. One doctor will say he's certain I have one thing, and five years later another will say he doesn't agree, and says it's something different. Meanwhile, both of them put me on medications for those things, and the second one is basically telling me I just wasted 5 years of prescriptions and therapy designed for the first thing. Not once, not twice, but many, many times I have gone through this.

    Because of all of that, I currently have a bushel of diagnoses that are supposedly correct and current, and a ton of prescriptions to go along with them. And I don't have the confidence that any of them are correct, like I so easily assumed when I was younger. Do you see my frustration?

    From my reading in the last few months, I have seen my traits (i.e. symptoms) and my thought patterns and thought processes turn up time and again under the detailed descriptions of Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder. If that were found to be true, it would settle my mind, and it would give me something that I lost long ago, and assumed I would never see again: Hope. It would make such a difference if I could be able to focus on one true diagnosis instead of a jillion competing diagnoses. I could work on learning coping skills and workarounds for one thing. One.

    So, I need to find a doctor or a therapist who assesses for ‘Autism’ or ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’ IN ADULTS  in the:
    1.               western half of NC, or
    2.               southwest area of VA, or
    3.               eastern part of TN.
    (A little outside of those areas could work, too, if they are good.) ***I have been told that “the MIGDAS-2 assessment” works better for those of us who have been masking for many years. What are your thoughts?

    I do appreciate you reading this far. I know that it was long. If you can help me find someone, please let me know. Thank you for your time.  I wish you Peace, and Joy, and excellent Health.  ♧

    #Autism #Depression #Anxiety #PathologicalDemandAvoidanceSyndrome
    #ReactiveAttachmentDisorder #SocialAnxiety
    #BipolarDepression #TreatmentresistantDepression #CombinedPresentationADHD #ADHD #AspergersSyndrome #AutisticAdults #Autistic
    #Hypervigilance #Hyperfocus #silent #EyeContact #Stimming #Suicide #PTSD #CPTSD #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder
    #BodyFocusedRepetitiveBehaviors #BFRBAwarenessWeek #Parentification #Abuse #neglect #Insomnia #DermatiIlomania

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    What 'little' things bring you comfort and joy?

    Let's face it: The last however many years have been pretty darn rotten, but the last 36 or so hours have been even more stressful on a macro- and micro-level in so many ways. Without even touching things going on at the federal level in the United States and the multiple crises both nationally and globally, I have been dealing with some personal things that have been putting me through the ringer.

    Thankfully, I am incredibly blessed to have an AMAZING support crew who I can call on when I need them the most. But even then, it's not always enough... or what's needed. Or they live too far away and I can't get that physical touch I need to calm the nerves that feel like they're vibrating from all the stress I'm under. What's a person to do?

    Here are some things I have been doing as part of my self-care that have brought me a great deal of comfort and joy:

    💜 - I bought a new Squishmallow (not pictured). It's a watermelon one.

    💜 - I have been working while wrapped in my Pusheen throw blanket and holding my heated Shiba Inu plush (both pictured). The plush - when heated - is incredibly comforting and an amazing sensory feel for me.

    💜 - I have been listening to music recommended to me by one of my close friends.

    💜 - I made plans with my eldest nephew to get ice cream after work. I also have plans to hang out with my friends over the weekend, depending on how I'm feeling.

    What brings you comfort and joy in your time of need? Let me know in the comments below.

    P.S. And in case you needed permission, it's OK to feel happy when everything's "on fire." Check out this story by Brittany: This Is Your Permission to Chase Joy in Times of Crisis

    #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #Disability #ADHD #Autism #AutisticAdults #actuallyautistic #CheckInWithMe #neurodivergent #neurodiverse #RheumatoidArthritis #BipolarDisorder #Trauma #TraumaSurvivors #CPTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #Depression #Migraine #selfcare #DistractMe #52SmallThings

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    What do your sensory needs look like?

    As Autism Acceptance Month winds down, something that has been on my mind lately are sensory needs, and I was wondering what yours look like?

    For me, honoring my sensory needs can look a little like this:

    ❤️ Wearing noise-canceling headphones or noise reduction earbuds if I'm stressed or overwhelmed

    🧡 Using my weighted blanket or getting a strong hug from a trusted person

    💛 Avoiding touch and removing myself from situations if I'm extremely uncomfortable

    Share yours with me in the comments below. P.S. Your needs are so valid. Sending strength and solidarity to you. 💜

    #CheckInWithMe #Autism #AutisticAdults #actuallyautistic #SensoryProcessingDisorder #Disability #DistractMe #52SmallThings #selfcare #neurodivergent #neurodiverse #Neurodiversity #TheNeurodiverseCrowd #SensoryNeeds #Anxiety #SensoryOverload

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    How do you tackle "doom boxes" and other types of clutter?

    Doom boxes. They're great for when you need to corral all the random things that don't have a home but you really want to keep them. However, if you're like me, you probably look at your doom boxes with overwhelm because they just don't get sorted ever again.

    My question is this: How do you tackle the dreaded doom boxes (or in my case, an entire doom room) in addition to the other types of clutter that may lurk in the rooms in your home? One thing I'll be trying is body doubling, which – if you don't know – is working on a frustrating task alongside someone else.

    Share something that typically works for you in the comments below. You never know, your tips and tricks may be super helpful to a fellow Mighty!

    #ADHD #CheckInWithMe #Selfcare #DistractMe #52SmallThings #OCD #Autism #executivedysfunction #AutisticAdults #Parenting

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    What 5️⃣ words best describe you?

    What are 5️⃣ words you would use to best describe yourself?

    I'll go first!
    Five words that best describe me are:
    1. Creative
    2. Observant
    3. Kind
    4. Persistent
    5. Hardworking

    You're turn!
    Let me know what five words best describe you in the comments below 💌.

    #Neurodiversity #ADHD #Autism #AutisticAdults #SensoryProcessingDisorder
    #Dyslexia #Dyscalculia #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #MightyTogether

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    Trauma: An Unavoidable Consequence

    When the world at large is created and maintained by, for, and with neurotypical people in mind, it means that Autistic people continue to be seen as fish out of the water. Sensory overloads. Abusive relationships. Rejection. Unemployment which leads to poverty. Ableism. All of these and many more that I can mention means that trauma for Autistic Adults is an unavoidable consequence. That is why I am sending you a link to my newest episode: Trauma: An Unavoidable Consequence. Finding an Autistic individual to commit to talking about this topic has been a real challenge. However, you will find very few who can talk about trauma as eloquently as my guest Benjamin Christmass. Benjamin was diagnosed as Autistic only one year ago. Benjamin is 29 years old and lives in Queensland, Australia. Benjamin is a Cardiac Scientist who studied and wrote his Master's thesis about trauma. Benjamin's talk with me focuses on the environments Autistics are subjected to on a daily, moment by moment basis that adds micro-traumas that results in trauma backing up in the Autistic's life that becomes overwhelmingly painful. I ask that you listen and please pass this on to your co-workers and social media networks as an important source of information that can bring some relief, crucial dialogue and social change. #Autistic #AutisticAdults #actuallyautistic

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    Eating Disorders for Autistic Adults

    What is disordered eating? Autistic Adults have sensory processing disorders, and for many, it means they have sensitivity to food textures. Interoception can affect an Autistic to know when they are hungry or full. Tas Kronby joins me to talk about eating disorders for Autistic Adults. They talk about their own experience with eating disorders and give some great advice. #Autistic #AutisticAdults #Neurodiversity #EatingDisorders #SensoryDisorder #actuallyautsitic