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    The conversation I've had a hundred times

    Probably more in my almost 34 years on this planet. And if you also have a #Disability I'm guessing you have too. You get called in to a meeting with the authority figure(s), because despite your best efforts, whatever task you've undertaken, whether chosen or required, is beyond your capabilities in some way or another. If it's voluntary, they try to talk you into quitting, either nicely, or not. Listing all your "great qualities" saying you're a likable person and they hate having to do this. Or, tearing you down until you quit just to escape the borage of insults being launched at you. If you don't quit, they let you go. If it's required, you get plastered with every character judgement in the book in hopes you'll "grow up" or "get better" because there's no way around or out of your impossible tasks. Lucky for me, today was the former. But, it doesn't change the fact that I knew exactly what I was walking into, because I had heard it all before. Welcome to life disabled, unfortunately, I don't know if the pattern will ever end. #Anxiety #neurodivregent #Employment #Depression #neurodivergence

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