For as long as I can remember I haven’t felt good. Anxiety and Depression have always been words I’ve known, and have been overactive in my life. What was once thought of as regular mental illnesses have now been changed.

Before it was illness from nature vs. nurture but now I see more than the average Joe. I went to a new psychiatrist 6 years ago because no one within a 50mile radius would take me on as a client, I was too much, too many severe psychiatric illnesses. I was finally referred to someone that would take me on. This was like nothing I had experienced in my over decade long search for treatment.
I walked in and off the bat they wanted medical testing of my body, and let me tell you I was VERY caught off guard. I didn’t understand, why? Why do they want testing of my body when I came in for my brain? My brain is very resistant to medications.

It started with a urine test, an organic acids test to be specific. They were looking at my intestinal tract and not my brain, but I found out that the two are heavily connected. They call it the gut brain axis and it didn’t stop there. The results were in and they were not good in the slightest.

Next came all of these blood tests, they even sent my blood to Germany! I became positive for Babesia and Bartonella, two coexisting infections in the Lyme catagory. THATS NOT ALL FOLKS, they also found highly extensive markers for inflammation and MOLD. Moldy blood? Am I being Punk’d? I come to find out that my body has something wrong with it and they don’t know what it truly is, but whatever it is, it’s severely messing with my brain. My body is constantly having an allergic reaction and cannot properly get all of the toxins out of my blood. As of now, they do not know how to proceed without making my psychiatric illnesses 10 fold worse, but at least I have some answers as to why.

Once you hear these things you start flipping back through your life to think of where this could have come from. I grew up in old homes in the Midwest and it was very common for our basements to flood or be perpetually damp. I mean these are houses built either a few years before 1900 or a decade or two later. My father is also an acute hoarder. It’s not like what you see on television but it’s very similar. Did you know mold can look like dust on old papers? Especially old papers that have been in a damp, most likely some asbestos filled basements? Pro tip: don’t blow the dust off because it is not dust, it is mold, and bad mold at that.

Then I thought back to when I visited my sister whom I only found out about as a 19 year old, thanks dad. For the record I absolutely adore my sister. I have ALWAYS wanted a sister and the only thing I hold against him is not telling me sooner. Anyways, my sister had a cat that ran away for 3 weeks at 17 years of age. We knew the outlook wasn’t good but oddly enough Azreiel made his way back, but with fleas.
Who knows what has caused what but damn science, you scary.