#covidanxiety , #notreadytosocialise
Hey, anybody out there feeling anxiety to accept social invitations with friends?

Here’s my problem: I live in Melbourne, Australia and last year my city earned the unenviable title of the ‘world’s most locked down’ city.

Thankfully, our lockdowns were finished just before Christmas last year.

Now, my friends are starting to invite me to socialise and I am feeling major anxiety about this, despite that I am triple vaccinated.

My problem is how do I decline a social event I already said yes to, without offending my friends?

I am just not ready to go out socialising yet. The pandemic literally scares me silly just thinking about all the OCD things we all have to do when we walk outside our front door.

I still love all my friends dearly, but I’m just not ‘there yet’ when it comes to having courage to socialise outside my home yet.

Does anybody else feel this way? How are you dealing with #SocialAnxiety ?
#Isitjustme ?