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Anxiety when friends ask me out, but I feel terrified to leave my home!

#covidanxiety , #notreadytosocialise
Hey, anybody out there feeling anxiety to accept social invitations with friends?

Here’s my problem: I live in Melbourne, Australia and last year my city earned the unenviable title of the ‘world’s most locked down’ city.

Thankfully, our lockdowns were finished just before Christmas last year.

Now, my friends are starting to invite me to socialise and I am feeling major anxiety about this, despite that I am triple vaccinated.

My problem is how do I decline a social event I already said yes to, without offending my friends?

I am just not ready to go out socialising yet. The pandemic literally scares me silly just thinking about all the OCD things we all have to do when we walk outside our front door.

I still love all my friends dearly, but I’m just not ‘there yet’ when it comes to having courage to socialise outside my home yet.

Does anybody else feel this way? How are you dealing with #SocialAnxiety ?
#Isitjustme ?


Just venting out my feelings,

The media told us the world will be back to "Normal", in a year or to. Then being told to wake up from this fantasy world. about normal life. All during the#COVID19 #covidanxiety lockdown. I had the hope and feelings of "normal" life. My hope of people being vaccinated is what will brings things back to normal. Of course some changes are going to be made. I get that and understand. That's going to be expected. I think it's just why people say things. All the negative feelings. It can become toxic and bring you down. #Feelingdown #Depression So what does that even mean? We all should keep wearing masks forever. Keep school/work online. Keep staying 6 feet apart Keep #SocialAnxiety Keep Social distancing? Don't go back to doing social events. That we keep staying home? I mean of course i understand people many not want to hug or shake hands. I do like people keeping space in lines and what not.

I do understand the persons post about not connecting with people on here. Finding it hard, I agree. Sometimes it takes time.


Getting this damn shot — vent post #CheckInWithMe

I finally made my appt to get this vaccine. I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but I do resent the pressure to get vaccinated. I feel like there’s this societal expectation that’s not exactly fair, and that anyone with physical or mental trauma is expected to just trust something completely foreign. I have a friend who is a bio-chemist, and she’s truly the only reason I am getting it. I trust her and her intelligence more than anything in regards to this, but making the appointment made my chest so tight. I am not saying I would never have gotten (whether you’re for it or against it is your business), but being badgered constantly by everyone in my life has actually made my anxiety about it worse, and I am not succumbing to it and still feeling anxious! I feel like if people truly cared, truly wanted what was best for me, they would like me do it in my time. Let me make my peace with it. I had a very difficult 2020 as I had 2 surgeries, so even getting a shot that could cause an allergic reaction is beyond triggering. My body has been through a lot, and doesn’t want to go through anything else. And I know the thought it “well, you don’t want to catch covid”, but that doesn’t mean I need the pressure of “do this now!”. Sigh…I have been so anxious lately because life is becoming so overwhelming, that I find myself trembling and shaking like there’s dynamite under my skin. It feels like nobody understands how this is just another stick of dynamite when someone is always inquiring about this. It all just makes me want to go back to bed and never come out. #Anxiety #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #PanicDisorder #covidanxiety


Covid is suck, please stay safe

Covid-19 cases in my country is rising really fast, the hospitals are unable to provide help to all people because it’s already overloaded. Lockdown is back and we need to wear double masks. It feels like everything falling apart again. I couldn’t breath and I am overthinking about everything. My boyfriend’s dad died because of covid and now I can’t comfort him face to face because he still in isolation after had contact with his positive Covid-19 family.

I take prozac to help with my anxiety and depression. But I’m afraid that it doesn’t work like it used to be, because of this situation that makes me overthinking and agitated. I couldn’t breath and my headache is back. I’m afraid if this situation will not get better, because everyday even after the lockdown, the cases still rising higher than the day before. #COVID19 #covidanxiety


Tell me it’s gonna be ok!

So I have terrible health anxiety and I’ve been putting off my covid vaccine just because I’m so so anxious about it. Finally getting my first dose later today but I’m SO ANXIOUS anticipating it. Not really anxious about actually being jabbed but of side effects and reactions. Anyone have any words of encouragement or comfort? Tell me your positive experience. I am looking forward to lessened covid anxiety once I’m fully covered but I won’t feel good about it until all shots are behind me and I know I’m in the clear from any adverse effects. Had to get a tetanus shot a few years ago and even just my arm being sore had me a mess till it subsided. I hate this! #Anxiety #HealthAnxiety #covidanxiety #Vaccine #CPTSD #Depression


Are people with autoimmune diseases more likely to have "breakthrough COVID infections"? I'm vaccinated but I can't convince myself I'm protected.

#Fibromyalgia #Anxiety #covidanxiety #AutoimmuneDiseases #fixating

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Covid19 and anxiety.

Covid19 has really worsen my anxiety. And I know I'm not alone. So let's talk about this.

Before covid I didn't even know I had anxiety. I thought that imagining something bad happening or being seriously ill or that someone might have an accident an die was just who I was.

At the beginning of Covid my symptoms got worse. That's when I experienced my first panick attack and I didn't even know it until much later.

Now, I'm new to accepting I have anxiety and I experience more frequent, but thankfully not that frequent, panick attacks. Unfortunately, the gates have opened and they aren't only about health anymore.

I'm not sure if acceptance is good for me or the thought is always on my mind. Like, when a friend says "hey, it's possible that I have covid but I'll know tomorrow" I'll either freak out, try to control myself or tell myself that "you do have anxiety so at some point your mind is going to take that fall. Enjoy the time you have left."

I'm sorry if I'm saying something wrong. I'm really new to trying to handling this. And I'm sure many people are.

I don't usually grumple but I'm so sick of Covid. I was already anxious enough, now I am anxious for multiple people at the same time plus myself. I just want us to be able to walk out the door and not feel afraid someone's going to die just because they need to breath. Or because of a new vaccine. Or because of all these new dangers covid has brought to our lives.

Please share your stories too. I hope you're handling your anxiety well and achieve peace of mind every day!
Love you all. Stay strong! #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #COVID19 #covidanxiety #MightyTogether



Hi, I hope this post doesn’t trigger anyone. I’ve had a relaspe. I started cutting myself again, it’s been a while since I haven’t hurt myself. And I’m feeling awful about it, but also feel like I’ve come home. It’s like a relaxing comfort and I know it’s bad, resorting to bad habits, but I don’t really know how else to cope. Everything was going okay, I haven’t drank in over a month, I’ve been taking my antidepressants everyday, been eating right. So why am I feeling so awful? What’s the point if I still have depression and anxiety when I’m doing everything in my power to stay well? I started a temporary job in a job I love, it’s ending soon, so my anxiety about finding another job in the pandemic is at its high. I’m having anxiety about everything at the moment, I had a panic attack at work the other day because I’m pushing myself too hard, worrying that I’m failing in my job, hoping that they’ll keep me on because I’ll need the money. Worried that I won’t get a job after my contract ends. Everything that is going on in the world is causing me so much anger, pain and general misery. I don’t know if it’s the change in the weather but my mood has plummeted and now I’m cutting myself. Is anyone else struggling? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Selfharm #Relapse #Anxiety #covidanxiety #Depression

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Take Heart #Depression #Anxiety

Some days I feel confident in who I am in Christ, in who I am as a wife and mom, and who I am as a person. I wake up refreshed and determined, ready to tackle the day.

But let me be honest. That is NOT my daily life. A lot of days, like today, I wake up to another headache, my daughter screaming for breakfast, a list of things I wish I had done yesterday but didn’t, and the stress and anxiety of a global pandemic and political unrest beating at my brain.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. This has been a freaking rough year. Mentally, spiritually, financially, physically, you name it. And I know I’m not the only one feeling the pressure and the fear. I know so many of us are stretched super thin, anxious and worried about what the next few months could possibly hold at this point.

Part of me just wants to run away and get away from everything. I want to pretend, to be ignorant of all the pain in the world, because at least I’d hurt less. I want to just plow forward mindlessly, like a drone.

I know the fire licking at my heels isn’t the fire of hell, though. It isn’t an attack from the enemy, but the refining fire of the Lord, shaping me and molding me into who I am meant to be. And though it hurts a LOT, though my heart and mind ache, I know that I am meant to grow and change right now. I am meant to wait on God’s timing. I am meant to hurt, not for the sake of pain, but so that the pain can reveal places in my heart and mind that still need to be healed and made whole.

Sounds rough, doesn’t it? I’m not a fan of it myself, but it’s like cleaning out a wound before you can stitch it closed— you have to get all that infection out before you seal the wound. Otherwise, your wound will be worse than before.

Job 13:15a says, “Though He slays me, yet I will trust in Him.” 2 Corinthians 4:8-10 says, We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; 9 persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. 10 We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body.”

Sometimes being a Christ follower means walking with Him on smooth roads in the sun, but so much more often it’s experiencing the dark realities of life with Him, clinging to His side and allowing Him to whisper love and truth into the hurt.

Even in this tumultuous time, Jesus is not caught unawares. He is by our side, offering grace for each day.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

#Depression #Anxiety #Christianity #christianblog #blogger #mightywriter #IfYouFeelHopeless #hopeful #covid19anxiety #covidanxiety #Faith #FaithAndIllness

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First day back at work

I started work again today after 4 months off. I have been too scared and anxious to go back because of COVID. I've always been scared and paranoid about germs, diseases COVID feels like my worst nightmare. Scared to get my family sick but taking every precaution at work and at home.
And my first day back went well! Let's just hope it continues this way!
#Postivity #COVID19 #corona #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #phobias #Anxiety #Anxiety #covidanxiety
Conquering fears 💪