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I totally see the value of Affirmations, but does anyone else feel like their brain immeadiately negates whatever positive message there is? Is it just consistency until that stops? #Isitjustme


Are you a morning person or a night owl?

How do you function better? Are you a morning person or a night owl? What I mean by this statement is do you prefer to stay awake /are you more alert in the day time or are you like me and have more thoughts and more productive at night time. 😁
Either one can make me feel annoyed especially if I've had a bad pain day. Even though I have to take medication at night, I feel like I'm tired but then I can switch off, hence why I'm sitting here writing this post at 12.49am #Nightowl #Thoughts #Isitjustme


Anxiety when friends ask me out, but I feel terrified to leave my home!

#covidanxiety , #notreadytosocialise
Hey, anybody out there feeling anxiety to accept social invitations with friends?

Here’s my problem: I live in Melbourne, Australia and last year my city earned the unenviable title of the ‘world’s most locked down’ city.

Thankfully, our lockdowns were finished just before Christmas last year.

Now, my friends are starting to invite me to socialise and I am feeling major anxiety about this, despite that I am triple vaccinated.

My problem is how do I decline a social event I already said yes to, without offending my friends?

I am just not ready to go out socialising yet. The pandemic literally scares me silly just thinking about all the OCD things we all have to do when we walk outside our front door.

I still love all my friends dearly, but I’m just not ‘there yet’ when it comes to having courage to socialise outside my home yet.

Does anybody else feel this way? How are you dealing with #SocialAnxiety ?
#Isitjustme ?



You know you are in a downward spiral when you can’t go to the Laundromat so you spray your Socks with Febreeze and put them in the Dryer… All week long…!!! #fuckinglaundromat #howmanytimescanyouwearapairofsocksw /owashingthem #Isitjustme ???


Am I the only one?

I have OCD and find myself thinking "Is this normal?" when I get random thoughts, it's not always something that bothers me, but sometimes I make up scenarios of alternative lives...

I identify as a female, but I think of myself as a male when I'm thinking of how that person would respond, work-related and personally. I could randomly think about how this persson could fall and break their arm.. what would the cast look like, etc.

Is it normal... or should I be concerned?

#confused #Isitjustme


Too much of the chronic community #MentalHealth #chronic pain

Anyone else feel sometimes it's great to have others who can relate to your pain and suffering and other times it feels too much to be around so many others suffering and focusing so much in negativity and pain. I find myself searching for positive people and posts and needing total re focus away from my triggers. #Isitjustme ?


Is that normal?

I want to ask a question: "who else dies from the heat in spring clothes at - 20C?" if your answer is yes, do you know the reason?
The problem is: i feel like I'm dying from heat in winter time while walking in the street in spring clothes. I know that cold is bad for my unhealthy joints, but I can’t tolerate the heat feeling.
#Isitjustme ? #IsItNormal ? #isitokay ? #Feelliketheworstpersonever #WhatIsWrongWithMe?

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Does anyone else experience random rashes?! I got diagnosed with urticaria as a symptom, but it seems to only affect my left side?

#Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #symptoms #FlareUps #Isitjustme

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Am I alone in feeling no emotion for my own family?

I have the deepest and most vivid emotions for my husband. I just don’t feel the same towards my own family. Like if something were to happen or if they simply just weren’t around I don’t know if I would even notice. When I’m around grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins I just don’t feel that warmness or connection. I also have difficult relationships with both of my parents. I tried reconnecting to my dad who has been mostly estranged, but it really just drained me and I wasn’t feeling anything towards him. My mother is complicated. When I look at her I know there is love, but I feel abandoned and hurt. I’m reminded of all the negative. She’s a major trigger when it comes to my mental health, but I can’t distance myself because I know it hurts her. Even though I can’t experience positive emotion around her, I feel the pain she feels when I push her away. I just don’t know anymore. #Isitjustme



why does anger me so much that my husband can sit on his ass all day and night playing the bloody PlayStation? (why) the poor bugger is on holiday he works hard . but that work takes him away from home a lot and I want to do things with him and my daughter 11aged who is just as bad on her switch . I could honestly walk out the door and they wouldn’t notice . #feelinghopeless #feelinggrumpy

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